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Sobibór, Polska


Sobibór was a Nazi German extermination camp that was part of Operation Reinhard, the official German name was SS-Sonderkommando Sobibor. It is also the name of the village outside which the camp was built, which is now part of Lublin Voivodship in Poland.

The Jews, including Jewish Soviet POWs, and possibly Gypsies were transported to Sobibór by rail, and suffocated in gas chambers that were fed with the exhaust of a petrol engine. At least 250,000 people were killed in Sobibór. A memorial and museum are at the site today.

The camp

In May of 1942, Sobibor began gassing operations. Trains entered the railway station, and the Jews onboard were told they were in a transit camp, and were forced to undress and hand over their valuables. They were then led into the "Road to Heaven" which led to the gas chambers, where they were killed using the carbon monoxide released from the exhaust pipes of tanks.

SS-Oberscharführer Kurt Bolender described the way the gassing operations ran during his trial:

Before the Jews undressed, Oberscharführer Hermann Michel made a speech to them. On these occasions, he used to wear a white coat to give the impression he was a physician. Michel announced to the Jews that they would be sent to work. But bre this they would have to take baths and undergo disinfection, so as to prevent the spread of diseases. After undressing, the Jews were taken through the "Tube", by an SS man leading the way, with five or six Ukrainians at the back hastening the Jews along. After the Jews entered the gas chambers, the Ukrainians closed the doors. The motor was switched on by the Ukrainian Emil Kostenko and by the German driver Erich Bauer from Berlin. After the gassing, the doors were opened and the corpses were removed by a group of Jewish workers.

The victims were mostly Jews, from Poland (especially Lublin and eastern Galicia - 145,000-150,000), the Czech Republic and Slovakia (31,000), Germany and Austria (10,000), France (4,000), Lithuania (14,000), and the Netherlands (34,313).

Dutch victims included 18-year-old Helga Deen, whose diary was discovered in 2004, and 14-year-old Ilse Wagner, a close friend of diarist and Holocaust victim Anne Frank. Although official estimates put the number of dead around 250,000, survivors from the camps like Esther Raab (whose life is dramatized in Richard Raschke's play, "Dear Esther") recall the Nazi celebration for the death of the millionth Sobibor Jew.

The camp was split into four sections:

Garrison Area: This included the main entrance gates and the railway platform where the victims were taken off the trains. The Commander's lodge was opposite the platform and was on the right side to the Guardhouse and on the left by the armoury.

Lager (Camp) 1: This was built directly west and behind the Garrison Area. It was made escape proof by extra barbed wire fences and a deep trench filled with water. The only opening was a gate leading into the area. This camp was the living barracks for Jewish prisoners and included a prisoner's kitchen. Each prisoner was given about 12 square feet (1.1 square meters) of sleeping space.

Lager (Camp) 2: This was a larger section and included an assortment of vital services for both the killing process and the everyday operation of the camp. Laboured by 400 prisoners, including women, Lager 2 contained the warehouses used for storing the objects taken from the dead victims, including hair, clothes, food, gold and all other valuables. This Lager also housed the main administration office. It was at Lager II that the Jews were prepared for their death. Here they undressed, women's hair was shaved, clothing searched and sorted and documents destroyed in the nearby furnace. The victim's final steps were taken on path framed by barbed wire. It was called Heavenly Way and led directly to the gas chambers.

Lager (Camp) 3: This was where the victims met their end. Located in the north-western part of the camp, there were only two ways to enter the camp from Lager II. The camp staff and personnel entered through a small plain gate. The entrance for the victims descended immediately into the gas chambers was decorated with flowers and a Star of David.

Camp guards included Ukrainians trained at Trawniki. Though it has never been conclusively proven, it was alleged that John Demjanjuk, a Ukrainian, worked as a watchguard at Sobibor.

The rebellion

Sobibór was the site of one of two successful rebellions by Jewish prisoners in a Nazi extermination camp — there was a similar revolt at Treblinka on 2 August 1943. A revolt at Auschwitz-Birkenau in October 1944 which led to two of the crematoria being blown up was unsuccessful and all the escapees were killed.

On October 14, 1943, members of the Sobibór underground, led by POW Alexander Pechersky, succeeded in covertly killing eleven German SS officers and a number of Ukrainian guards. Although their plan was to kill all the SS and walk out of the maiain gate of the camp, the killings were discovered and the inmates ran for their lives under fire. About half of the 600 prisoners in the camp escaped. Only about 50 escapees survived the war, however. Some died on the mine fields surrounding the site, and some were recaptured and shot by the Germans in the next few days, but survivors' accounts also indicate that many of the escapees were killed by the Polish underground and civilians, including a massacre of ten former prisoners on or about 17 October 1943 in the forest to the south west of the camp. Many of those that did survive were hidden from the Germans by other Poles, at the risk of their own lives.

The revolt was dramatized in the 1987 TV movie Escape from Sobibor. An award-winning documentary about the escape was made by Claude Lanzmann, entitled Sobibor, 14 octobre 1943, 16 heures. (The English title was Sobibor, Oct. 14, 1943, 4 p.m.)


Within days SS chief Himmler ordered the camp closed, dismantled and planted with trees.

Franz Stangl, commandant of Sobibór and later of Treblinka fled to Syria with the aid of a priest in the Vatican who supplied money, a red cross passport and arranged work for him. Following problems with his employer taking too much interest in his adolescent daughter, Stangl went to Brazil in the 1950s. He worked in a car factory and was registered with the Austrian consulate under his own name. He was eventually caught, arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment. In 1971 he died in prison in Düsseldorf a few hours after concluding a series of interviews with British historian Gitta Sereny.

Gustav Wagner, the deputy Sobibór commander was arrested in 1978 in Brazil. He was identified by Sobibor escapee Solomon Szmajzner who greeted him with the words "Hallo Gustl"; Wagner replied that he remembered Szmajzer and that he had saved him and his three brothers. The court of first instance agreed to his extradition to Germany but on appeal this extradition was overturned. In 1980 he committed suicide. Coming only a short time after his release and somewhat suspicious photographs has led many to suggest that he may have been killed. Wagner was on leave on 14 October 1943 and survivors such as Tom Blatt say that the revolt would not have succeeded had he been present.


Following the celebration of the sixtieth anniversary of the revolt in 2003, the grounds of the former death camp received a grant largely funded by the Dutch government to improve the site. New walk ways were introduced with signs indicating points of interest but close to the burial pits, bone fragments still litter the area. In the forest outside the camp is a statue honoring the valiant fighters of Sobibor.

Visitors to the camp need to be warned that the forest is infested with mosquitos and are advised to wear suitable repellent before getting out of the car.


* From the Ashes of Sobibor by Thomas Blatt

* Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka by Yitzak Ahrad

City/Town : Latitude: 51.447222, Longitude: 23.593611


Matches 1 to 400 of 400

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abas, Aaron  14 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I88723
2 Abas, Abraham  09 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I88476
3 Abas, Abraham  02 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I88724
4 Abas, Alfred  30 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I88725
5 Abas, Anna Rachel  28 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I88726
6 Abas, Aron  02 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I88727
7 Abas, Benjamin Samson  10 September 1942Sobibór, Polska I88675
8 Abas, Elisabeth  13 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I88659
9 Abas, Isaac  23 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I88550
10 Abas, Jacob  02 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I88583
11 Abas, Joseph Hans  02 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I89089
12 Abas, Leo Harry  Date unknownSobibór, Polska I88663
13 Abas, Louis Joseph  07 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I88734
14 Abas, Nathan  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I88542
15 Abas, Nathan  1945Sobibór, Polska I88502
16 Abas, Pierre  27 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I88740
17 Abas, Pierre  30 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I88647
18 Abas, Rachel  09 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I88941
19 Abas, Rose  04 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I89132
20 Abas, Rudolf  30 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I88744
21 Abas, Salomon  10 September 1942Sobibór, Polska I88747
22 Abas, Salomon  23 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I88745
23 Abas, Salomon  02 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I88494
24 Abas, Salomon Asher  09 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I88942
25 Abas, Sara  02 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I88635
26 Abas, Willy  30 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I88749
27 Aleng, Betsij  04 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I257487
28 d' Ancona, David Salomon  05 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I441075
29 d' Ancona, Eva Henriette  04 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I82532
30 d' Ancona, Salomon  04 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I82531
31 d' Ancona, Sara  04 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I82533
32 Anholt, Duifje  09 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I393929
33 den Arend, Hester  05 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I89231
34 van Baale, Rebecca Reijntje  23 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I88894
35 Bamberger, Abraham  30 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I539397
36 Bamberger, Izaak  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I539398
37 Bamberger, Judikje  02 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I539177
38 Bamberger, Sina  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I539174
39 Bamberger, Sophia  23 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I539257
40 Bargeboer, Jantje  13 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I36968
41 Bargeboer, Levie  26 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I538950
42 Beekman, Joseph  05 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I119057
43 de Beer, Benjamin  28 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I53244
44 van Beetz, Schoontje  1943Sobibór, Polska I511978
45 Bekkers, Esther  11 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I53752
46 Belinfante, Aaron  02 January 1943Sobibór, Polska I82526
47 Belinfante, Abigael  05 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I119048
48 Belinfante, Abraham  11 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I119968
49 Belinfante, Arnold Richard  23 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I118965
50 Belinfante, Aron  11 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I118979
51 Belinfante, Carla  16 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I118974
52 Belinfante, Emanuel Cohen  14 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I118914
53 Belinfante, Gerrit Cohen  30 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I118983
54 Belinfante, Hartog  16 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I119050
55 Belinfante, Herman Isaac Emanuel  02 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I120494
56 Belinfante, Herman Issac Emmanuel  02 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I118940
57 Belinfante, Ina  16 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I119060
58 Belinfante, Lea Mirjam  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I118916
59 Belinfante, Meijer  04 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I118917
60 Belinfante, Rosa  11 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I118922
61 Belinfante, Sara  04 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I82530
62 Belinfante, Willem  02 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I118939
63 Belinfante, Willem Wolf  02 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I118930
64 de la Bella, Elisabeth  16 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I118973
65 Bierman, Eva  23 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I780408
66 Bierman, Hendrina  23 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I780407
67 Bierman, Henry  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I53072
68 Bierman, Izaak Jonas  23 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I780404
69 Bierman, Jacob  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I53071
70 Bierman, Maurits Isidoor  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I53073
71 Bierman, Mozes  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I53065
72 Blein, Hartog Simon  16 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I53701
73 Blein, Regina Bertha  11 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I53702
74 Bloemendal, Antoannet  07 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I52342
75 Bloemendal, Elizabeth  02 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I52340
76 Bloemendal, Elsie  26 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I6986
77 Bloemendal, Francina  16 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I52322
78 Bloemendal, Francisca  19 February 1943Sobibór, Polska I52374
79 Bloemendal, Friederike  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I52389
80 Bloemendal, Frouke  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I52384
81 Bloemendal, Hartog Henrij  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I52386
82 Bloemendal, Herman  02 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I52367
83 Bloemendal, Kaatje  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I75557
84 Bloemendal, Marcus Izak  07 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I52323
85 Bloemendal, Michiel  22 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I52328
86 Bloemendal, Mietje  13 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I52331
87 Bloemendal, Saartje  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I53697
88 Blumenkrohn, Adelheid  16 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I780756
89 Boas, Elise  16 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I668155
90 Boekbinder, Jansje  28 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I89442
91 Bollegraaf, Abrammine  05 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I393858
92 Bollegraaf, Frouwke  23 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I780220
93 Bollegraaf, Levi Simon  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I393873
94 Bollegraaf, Roelfien  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I393874
95 Brink, Meijer  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I53729
96 Brink, Saartje Johanna  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I53751
97 Busnach, Mozes  11 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I89274
98 Busnach, Rozetta  04 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I89279
99 Busnach, Sara  11 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I89276
100 Canes, Mozes  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I765080
101 Caransa, Femmina  11 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I353152
102 Caransa, Samuel  04 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I404145
103 Coblentz, Oscar Zacharias  16 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I668156
104 van Coevorden, Abraham  23 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I53037
105 van Coevorden, Jacob  23 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I53038
106 van Coevorden, Jeanette  11 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I53031
107 van Coevorden, Mietje  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I53517
108 van Coevorden, Mozes  23 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I53034
109 van Coevorden, Mozes  11 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I53857
110 van Coevorden, Salomon Jacques  16 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I53685
111 Cohen, Betje  23 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I53035
112 Cohen, Heiman  09 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I393932
113 Cohen, Jozeph  11 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I340138
114 Cohen, Levi Benjamin  14 May 1943Sobibor, Polska I186058
115 Cohen, Lowie  23 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I539269
116 Cohen, Roosje  26 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I53142
117 Cohen, Roosje  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I393886
118 Cohen, Ruth Clara  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I559089
119 Cohen, Willy Meijer  11 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I340143
120 Colaco Osorio, Sara  13 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I28552
121 Coppenhagen, Clara  23 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I88501
122 Cozijn, Karel  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I559088
123 Cune, Andries Isaia  05 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I89621
124 van Dam, Evalina Aleijda  30 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I53696
125 van Dam, Jacoba  16 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I53440
126 van Dam, Rebekka  30 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I539403
127 David, Rebecca  02 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I487290
128 van Delft, Abraham  07 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I779624
129 van Delft, Joël  07 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I779756
130 van Delft, Jonas  07 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I780002
131 van Delft, Jozef  02 July 1942Sobibór, Polska I53260
132 van Delft, Regina  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I172119
133 van Delft, Roza  28 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I780043
134 Denneboom, Carel  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I394028
135 Denneboom, Flora  26 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I53245
136 Denneboom, Marcus  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I53638
137 Denneboom, Sara  09 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I53637
138 Dotsch, David  04 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I333212
139 Dotsch, Jacob  26 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I333213
140 Drukker, Aaltje Mozes  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I353113
141 Eckstein, Salomon  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I394079
142 Edersheim, Henriette  23 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I280023
143 Egger, Cesar Joseph  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I746664
144 Eijsman, Rebecca  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I438030
145 van Emden, Frouke  07 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I779606
146 Engelsman, Duifje  04 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I118921
147 Farbstein, Debora  04 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I596422
148 Feilmann, Meena-minna  09 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I53321
149 Finsi, Rozette  02 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I88753
150 Frank, Anna  05 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I441076
151 Frank, Regina  16 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I766742
152 Frankenhuis, Abraham Herman  16 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I53593
153 Frankfort, Esther  05 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I88596
154 Frenk, Mathilda Rosetta  16 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I53549
155 Frenk, Nathan Lazarus  11 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I53582
156 Frenkel, Fannij  23 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I779640
157 Fresco, Moses  16 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I766741
158 From, Geziena  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I782101
159 Gans, Gerard  09 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I725750
160 Gans, Jette  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I264953
161 van Gelder, Arthur Izak  09 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I89461
162 van Gelder, David  16 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I65913
163 van Gelder, Hertog Hein Izak  09 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I89460
164 van Geuns, Grietje  26 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I375724
165 Gobets, Aaron  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I89210
166 Gosler, Isaac  28 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I538833
167 Gosschalk, Sara  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I539344
168 Gotlieb, Theresia  07 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I89213
169 Goudeket, Benjamin  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I189442
170 Goudeket, Esther  09 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I229595
171 Goudeket, Isaac  28 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I229594
172 Grobfeld, Frederik  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I393887
173 Grobfeld, Ino  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I393890
174 Groenheim, Froukje  26 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I36993
175 Gudema, Aron  16 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I53385
176 Gudema, Heiman Izaak  18 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I53386
177 Haagens, Eleazar  28 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I89443
178 Haalman, Betje  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I36905
179 Haalman, Hendelena Grietje  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I285594
180 Haalman, Martha  28 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I285595
181 van Hachgenberg, Levi  05 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I88615
182 van der Hak, Heiman  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I7028
183 van der Hak, Hermina  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I394326
184 Halberstadt, Fetje  11 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I282711
185 Halberstadt, Roosje  11 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I353088
186 Hamburger, Herman Salomon  23 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I499925
187 Hartog, Libettha Joanna  23 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I567418
188 van Hasselt, Henriëtte Alijda  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I538822
189 van Hasselt, Jantje  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I538795
190 Heijmann, Chaie  09 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I89599
191 Heilbut, Ernst Yechiel  03 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I746352
192 Hildesheim, Leo Abraham  04 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I53233
193 de Hond, Mariana  28 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I28647
194 Hoogstraal, Rachel  16 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I206407
195 Horst, Machiel Abraham  14 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I53133
196 van IJzer, Grietje  16 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I460912
197 Israëls, Julia  11 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I303111
198 Israels, Kaatje  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I539093
199 Israëls, Schoontje  09 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I303112
200 Jacobs, Barend  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I353112
201 Jacobs, Bertina Vogelina  11 December 1942Sobibór, Polska I778007
202 de Jong, Alida  09 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I257481
203 de Jong, Godfried  04 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I257485
204 de Jong, Mozes Manus  07 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I538978
205 de Jonge, Rolf  05 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I394124
206 de Jonge, Siegbert Albert  05 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I394123
207 Kalker, Anna  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I746132
208 Kalker, Flora Bluma  03 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I746351
209 van de Kar, Abraham  11 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I89338
210 van de Kar, Femmetje  11 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I89342
211 van de Kar, Marianne  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I89350
212 van de Kar, Meijer  11 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I89344
213 Kattenburg, Adèle  02 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I706878
214 Keijzer, Selma  09 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I746671
215 Kinsbergen, Manus  10 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I460906
216 Kleerekoper, Michel  09 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I89139
217 Kleerekoper, Sophia  02 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I88910
218 Klein, Louise  14 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I53361
219 Kooperberg, Hendrika Aaltje  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I53070
220 Koopman, Jeanette  11 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I119967
221 Kopee, Aaltje  04 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I404146
222 van der Kous, Sybilla  02 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I89138
223 Kozijn, Henri Leopold  16 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I89405
224 Kozijn, Jane Hijman  23 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I353448
225 de Lange, Asser  09 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I89131
226 de Lange, Izak  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I539360
227 de Lange, Jakob  31 October 1943Sobibór, Polska I539343
228 de Lange, Joël  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I539364
229 de Lange, Menachem  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I539347
230 de Lara, Marianne Cohen  07 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I89045
231 de Leeuw, Hijman  11 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I89603
232 van Leeuw, Jansje  09 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I28612
233 de Leeuw, Judith  11 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I229671
234 de Leeuwe, Barendina  09 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I89427
235 de Leeuwe, Eliazar  09 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I88879
236 de Leeuwe, Levie Jacob  23 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I88893
237 de Leeuwe, Marianna  23 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I88897
238 Leezer, Daniël  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I780062
239 Leijden van Amstel, David  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I89352
240 Leijden van Amstel, Femma  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I89351
241 Leijden van Amstel, Lea  11 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I89205
242 Leijden van Amstel, Maurits  04 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I89199
243 Leijden van Amstel, Meijer  02 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I89195
244 Leijden van Amstel, Sientje  09 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I89198
245 Leon, Sara  30 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I28467
246 Levi, Grete  02 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I52368
247 de Levie, Benjamin  16 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I53441
248 de Levie, Corry  09 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I394329
249 de Levie, Izak  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I48486
250 de Levie, Noach  19 February 1943Sobibór, Polska I52378
251 de Levie, Sara  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I7027
252 Leviet, Lina  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I394080
253 Levitus, Johanna Lea  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I539096
254 Locher, Esther  23 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I28618
255 Locher, Judith  16 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I28608
256 Löwenstein, Mozes  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I252441
257 Lunska, Chawa  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I539361
258 Marx, Sophia  16 April 1943Sobibor, Polska I185960
259 Meiboom, Abraham  13 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I88621
260 Meiboom, Klaartje  26 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I88755
261 Meiboom, Roosje  07 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I538979
262 Meijer, Bertha Bertje  07 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I53366
263 Meijer, Daniel  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I53686
264 Meijer, Geertje  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I53708
265 Meijer, Geertje  16 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I53384
266 Meijer, Gholina  07 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I53373
267 Meijer, Goldina  07 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I53368
268 Meijer, Jacob  28 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I53032
269 Meijer, Jakob  16 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I53247
270 Meijer, Jantje  14 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I53126
271 Meijer, Jenny  02 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I53259
272 Meijer, Klaartje  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I538846
273 Meijer, Louisa  07 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I53367
274 Meijer, Marianne Louise  07 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I53365
275 Meijer, Mozes  14 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I53249
276 Meijer, Nathan Izak  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I53183
277 Meijer, Samuel Simon  16 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I53205
278 Meijer, Schoontje  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I53257
279 Meijer, Simon  23 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I53763
280 Meijer, Simon  07 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I53362
281 Michaelis, Alfred  26 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I261431
282 Molgo, Betsie  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I28602
283 Morpurgo, Alida  02 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I88564
284 Mozes, Hendel  02 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I36741
285 Mozes, Roossien  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I779703
286 Muller, Herman  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I394342
287 Muller, Marcus  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I394356
288 Nathans, André  09 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I393897
289 Nathans, Izak Levie  09 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I393894
290 Nathans, Levie  09 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I393895
291 Nathans, Mozes Levie  09 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I393896
292 Nathans, Nathan  09 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I393891
293 Nathans, Salomon  09 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I393898
294 Nieweg, Benjemin  23 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I539259
295 Nieweg, Geertje  11 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I53527
296 Nieweg, Maurits Herman  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I539191
297 Nieweg, Mietje  23 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I539263
298 Nijveen, Fogelina  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I393870
299 Noot, Joël  04 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I229670
300 Norden, Greta Betsy  23 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I118964
301 Okker, Dina  04 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I28430
302 Okker, Grietje  28 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I58613
303 Okker, Samuel  30 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I58607
304 Oostra, Jacob Abraham  05 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I89155
305 Pais, Esther  02 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I118943
306 Pinkusson, Sientje Sidonia  05 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I394120
307 Pinto, Geertje  20 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I171968
308 Polak, Elizabeth  05 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I89154
309 Polak, Jacob  13 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I353089
310 van Praag, Marianne  16 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I48752
311 Pront, Jansje Mirjam  14 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I89246
312 Querido, Emanuel  23 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I353446
313 de Raaij, Elisabeth Rosa  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I353215
314 Rintel, Roset Kaatje  07 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I780034
315 Roos, Freddij  11 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I89343
316 de Rosa, Joachim  09 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I229597
317 Salomons, Abraham  05 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I335626
318 Sanders, Hanna  28 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I780047
319 Sanders, Sander  28 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I780044
320 Schaap, Levie Daniël  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I152769
321 Schelvis, Rika  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I229598
322 Schott, Johanna  26 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I394127
323 Simons, Hartog  05 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I393868
324 Simons, Levie  05 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I393864
325 Simons, Levie  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I538845
326 Simons, Lowie Simon  05 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I393869
327 Simons, Martha  23 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I779643
328 Simons, Nathan  23 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I779638
329 Simons, Sam  28 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I779632
330 Sinaasappel, Raphael Gosschalk  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I267986
331 Slager, Leentje  23 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I53774
332 Sleutelberg, Ghole  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I539184
333 Speijer, Fraatje  09 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I28469
334 Spier, Eveline  09 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I88513
335 Stoppelman, Jantje  09 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I36978
336 Stoppelman, Marianne  26 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I36970
337 Swaab, Gonda Sara  26 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I261432
338 Swaap, Jeanette  30 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I88909
339 van Tijn, Frederika  04 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I441005
340 Troostwijk, Mozes  26 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I36742
341 Tunninge, Louisa  30 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I58645
342 Valk, Aron  13 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I36967
343 Valk, Benjamin  14 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I36884
344 Valk, Eva  02 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I36736
345 Valk, Goldine  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I52388
346 Valk, Saartje  07 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I53363
347 Valk, Susanna  26 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I36738
348 Vas Dias, David  09 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I28597
349 Vas Dias, Lea  09 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I28598
350 Vas Dias, Maurits-mozes  02 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I28613
351 Vaz Dias, Abraham  28 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I28648
352 Vaz Dias, Abraham  16 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I28595
353 Vaz Dias, Abraham de David  04 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I28619
354 Vaz Dias, Betsy  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I28391
355 Vaz Dias, Isidoor  02 January 1943Sobibór, Polska I28603
356 Vaz Dias, Joost  31 October 1943Sobibór, Polska I28425
357 Vaz Dias, Maurits de Abraham  23 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I28609
358 Vaz Dias, Mietje  16 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I28594
359 Vaz Dias, Roosje  11 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I28646
360 Vaz Dias, Salomon Aon de Aron  23 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I28637
361 Vos van Coevorden, Alida  14 May 1943Sobibor, Polska I186059
362 Vrengel, Bloemke  20 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I48485
363 de Vries, Benjamin  05 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I88595
364 de Vries, Betje  28 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I53255
365 de Vries, Elisabeth  14 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I88625
366 de Vries, Joost  16 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I53296
367 de Vries, Sara  05 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I88614
368 Vuijsje, Isaac  1943Sobibór, Polska I511976
369 Vuijsje, Maurits  28 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I89580
370 Wallage, Jakobus  16 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I501206
371 Wallage, Mozes  07 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I501202
372 Waterman, Jansje  11 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I89275
373 Weijl, Helena  23 April 1943Sobibor, Polska I187012
374 Wennek, Geertje  14 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I118937
375 van West, Helena  09 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I89604
376 van West, Lehman  09 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I89598
377 van West, Mietje  28 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I89579
378 van West, Rebecca  11 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I89602
379 Wijk, Wilhelmina  11 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I53148
380 de Winter, Leendert  28 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I438027
381 de Winter, Sophia  21 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I499930
382 de Wit, Sara Alexandrina  23 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I88524
383 Witjas, Clara  13 March 1943Sobibór, Polska I88759
384 Witteboon, Eva  16 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I119059
385 Wolder, Barend  11 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I89277
386 Wolder, Hanna  11 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I89278
387 Wolfsbergen, Alex Eduard  09 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I706967
388 van Zanten, Aron  09 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I53820
389 van Zanten, Benjamin  09 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I53821
390 van Zanten, Betje  28 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I538834
391 Zeldenrust, Esther  28 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I438028
392 Zilverberg, Geertje  04 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I53232
393 Zilverberg, Izak  09 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I53229
394 Zilverberg, Jacob Simon  30 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I53693
395 Zilverberg, Johanna  11 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I53700
396 Zilverberg, Louis  04 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I53720
397 Zilverberg, Max Benny  04 June 1943Sobibór, Polska I53722
398 Zilverberg, Samuel  07 May 1943Sobibór, Polska I53714
399 Zilverberg, Sophie  16 July 1943Sobibór, Polska I53710
400 Zuidema, Betje  02 April 1943Sobibór, Polska I202835


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Fact    Person ID 
1 Zilverberg, Simon Maurits  Sobibór, Polska I53716


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