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Anke Jans Niemeijer

Anke Jans Niemeijer

Female 1763 - 1821  (58 years)

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Lummegien Hoving
Female 1842-1843
Lammegien Hoving
Female 1844-1855
Grietje Hoving
Female 1845-Date unknown
Berend Klompmakers
Male About 1844-Date unknown
New chart
Harm Wesseling
Male 1849-1921
New chart
Albertien Hoving
Female 1850-Date unknown
New chart
Hendrik Hoving
Male 1852-1918
New chart
Albert Hoving
Male 1856-Date unknown
Aleida Spreeuwers
Female About 1851-Date unknown
New chart
Lammegien Hoving
Female 1859-1873
Roelf van der Ploeg
Male About 1850-1917
Roelfien Lange
Female 1860-1891
New chart
Roelfien Boelen
Female About 1864-1941
New chart
Berend van der Ploeg
Male About 1855-Date unknown
Foktje ten Hoor
Female About 1863-Date unknown
New chart
Geert van der Ploeg
Male About 1857-1927
Albertje Kuiper
Female About 1863-1928
New chart
Jan Luttjeboer
Male 1854-1933
New chart
Grietje Boelens
Female 1816-1899
Jans Sassen
Male 1853-1853
Janna Sassen
Female 1854-1861
Grietje Sassen
Female 1856-1914
Jans Sassen
Male 1858-1936
Zwaantien Folkers
Female About 1860-1922
New chart
Albert Sassen
Male 1860-1934
New chart
Janna Boelens
Female 1819-1894
Grietien Boelen
Female About 1858-Date unknown
Jan Buiter
Male About 1844-Date unknown
Geessien Boelens
Female About 1860-Date unknown
Hindrik Stuut
Male About 1858-Date unknown
New chart
Roelfien Boelen
Female About 1864-1941
New chart
Folkert Draaijer
Male About 1858-1940
New chart
Roelf Boelens
Male 1866-1948
Rensiena Wilts
Female 1862-1939
New chart
Jan Boelen
Male About 1871-1952
Johanna Kruize
Female About 1872-Date unknown
Marchien Boelen
Female About 1879-1935
Hindrik Boelens
Male 1821-Date unknown
Hinderkien Roelfs Bakker
Female 1835-Date unknown
Betje Boelens
Female 1824-1829
Betje Hoijting
Female 1862-Date unknown
Grieting Hoijting
Female 1865-Date unknown
Jantje Boelens
Female 1828-Date unknown
Roelof Hoijting
Male 1826-Date unknown
Grietien Hindriks Niemeijer
Female 1784-Date unknown
Albert Jans Boelen
Male 1784-After 1828
Albert Katuin
Male 1833-1833
Albert Katoen
Male 1834-1902
Bernadina Lutje
Female 1834-1901
New chart
New chart
Geert Katuin
Male 1840-1916
Leentje Katuin
Female 1847-1909
New chart
Karssien Kruize
Male 1843-1917
New chart
Geessien Katuin
Female 1850-1906
Nanne Kuiper
Male 1853-1925
New chart
Albert Hofkamp
Male 1841-1903
Mattje Bijl
Female About 1839-Before 1868
Klaas Hofkamp
Male 1843-1897
Aaltien Kruit
Female 1844-1875
New chart
Geesien Kruit
Female 1852-1932
New chart
Geert Hofkamp
Male 1845-1875
Jacoba Zuur
Female 1846-1924
New chart
Boele Hofkamp
Male 1848-1914
Geessien Kuiper
Female 1856-1921
New chart
Jan Timmer
Male 1836-1917
Maria Toole
Female 1837-1918
New chart
Albert Timmer
Male 1838-1897
New chart
Freerk Timmer
Male 1840-Date unknown
Aaltje Timmer
Female 1842-1845
Aaltje Timmer
Female 1847-1847
Albert Hofkamp
Male 1843-1844
Albert Hofkamp
Male 1846-1846
Alke Hofkamp
Female 1846-Date unknown
Albert Hofkamp
Male 1848-1889
Johanna Braam
Female 1845-1876
New chart
New chart
Jan Huiting
Male 1840-1927
New chart
Nantien Hofkamp
Female 1853-1905
Harm Heun
Male Approximately 1847-1925
New chart
Antke Hofkamp
Female 1860-Date unknown
Grietje Hofkamp
Female 1862-1864
Grietje Harms
Female 1818-Date unknown
Albert Wijnholds
Male 1844-1933
Geessien Kuipers
Female 1852-1923
New chart
Janna Wijnholds
Female 1845-1848
New chart
Janna Wijnholds
Female 1849-1871
Hindrik de Jonge
Male 1844-1873
Jan Wijnholts
Male 1810-1862
Fennechien Hofkamp
Female About 1850-1929
Jans Elting
Male 1849-1906
New chart
Henderikus Hofkamp
Male 1852-Date unknown
Engeltje Arnoldus
Female About 1830-Date unknown
Geertien Potze
Female 1850-1852
Geertien Potze
Female 1852-1926
Martienus Meijer
Male 1841-1920
New chart
Fennechien Potze
Female 1854-1910
New chart
Hindrik Potze
Male 1857-Date unknown
Jantje Sassen
Female 1864-1903
New chart
Albert Potze
Male 1860-1951
Kaatje Wesseling
Female 1877-1967
New chart
Willem Potze
Male 1864-1887
Hebeltien Potze
Female 1867-1907
Gerbe Nijboer
Male 1870-1957
New chart
Fenna Kuiper
Female 1851-1852
Willem Alberts Hofkamp
Male 1830-Date unknown
Grietje Kuiper
Female 1845-1937
Gerrit Hofkamp
Male 1859-Date unknown
Janna Rendering
Female 1861-1919
New chart
Jantje Wijnholds
Female 1864-1945
New chart
Harm Hofkamp
Male 1864-1937
Wubbegien Haan
Female About 1867-1915
New chart
Janna Hofkamp
Female 1867-Date unknown
Berend Jan Gewald
Male About 1866-Date unknown
New chart
Zwaantje Wichers
Female 1833-1904
Jantje Hofkamp
Female 1864-1916
Harmannus Rakers
Male About 1861-Date unknown
New chart
Jan Muller
Male 1867-1921
New chart
Janna Hofkamp
Female 1866-1958
Meeuwis Robaard
Male 1867-1934
New chart
Aalderikus Smid
Male 1867-Date unknown
Gerrit Hofkamp
Male 1870-1949
Aaffien Raske
Female 1860-1928
New chart
Aike Hofkamp
Male 1872-Date unknown
NN Hofkamp
Male 1875-1875
Jan Hofkamp
Male 1877-Date unknown
Geertje Hofkamp
Female 1879-Date unknown
Klaas Letens
Male 1869-1951
New chart
Lammert Hofkamp
Male 1883-Date unknown
Eppien Hofkamp
Female 1885-Date unknown
Antonie Hendrik Geerts
Male Approximately 1875-Date unknown
Hendrik Hofkamp
Male 1830-1888
Saartje Velema
Female 1838-1924
Gerrit Hofkamp
Male 1871-Date unknown
Aaltien Lanting
Female 1872-Date unknown
New chart
Lammechien Hofkamp
Female 1874-Date unknown
Klamer Lanting
Male 1878-Date unknown
New chart
Lambert Hofkamp
Male 1833-1874
Antke Huls
Female 1826-1857
Geert Huls
Male 1828-After 1840
New chart
Annegien Luitjes
Female 1866-1920
Jan Timmer
Male 1859-1922
New chart
Geert Luitjes
Male 1829-1912
Geertruid Niemeijer
Female 1827-Date unknown
Jan Heijes Schot
Male Date unknown-Date unknown
Berend Veldkamp
Male 1852-1928
New chart
Pieter Doewes
Male 1846-1930
New chart
Jan Hilvering
Male 1856-1857
Jan Hilvering
Male 1860-1922
Elsien Hazelhoff
Female 1866-1897
New chart
Tjaaktje Boswijk
Female 1874-1949
New chart
Maria Froukina Antina Scholte
Female Date unknown-Date unknown
New chart
Jakob Veldkamp
Male 1864-Date unknown
Jantje Hilvering
Female 1867-1945
Harm Panneman
Male 1869-Date unknown
New chart
Jan Prins
Male 1867-1911
New chart
Janna Tammes
Female 1829-Date unknown
Zwaantje Folkers
Female 1867-1928
Hindrik Folkers
Male 1869-1931
Grietje Eefting
Female 1866-1950
Derk Folkers
Male 1871-1940
Teilke Stalman
Female 1875-Date unknown
Berend Folkers
Male 1821-1875
Margaretha Gelms
Female 1867-1912
Hindrik Bodewitz
Male 1860-Date unknown
New chart
Elze Gelms
Male 1869-1933
New chart
Zwaantje Gelms
Female 1872-1902
Albert Toren
Male 1868-1952
New chart
Aaltje Gelms
Female 1874-1935
Freerk Leffers
Male 1864-1947
New chart
Jantje Gelms
Female 1879-Date unknown
Jan Smith
Male 1870-Date unknown
New chart
Eltina Gelms
Female 1884-Date unknown
Heije Schot
Male 1876-Date unknown
New chart
Jan Gelms
Male 1838-1921
New chart
Jacoba Beugel
Female 1857-1925
New chart
Nantien Meijer
Female 1855-1928
Harm Gaasbeek
Male 1846-1930
New chart
Nantje Boelm
Female 1860-1912
Harm Kuipers
Male About 1849-1927
New chart
Jan Boelen
Male 1862-1936
Imelina Tees
Female 1864-1946
New chart
Janna Boelm
Female 1866-1946
Jan Elling
Male 1862-1916
New chart
Jan Boelm
Male 1830-1905
Klaas Hendrik de Boer
Male 1864-Date unknown
Gerritje Kleinbentink
Female About 1867-Date unknown
Menso Klaassens de Boer
Male 1834-Date unknown
Mensien Hensums
Female 1868-1935
Johannes van Klinken
Male 1860-Date unknown
New chart
New chart
Nantje Hensums
Female 1870-1907
Lammert Hooiveld
Male 1864-Date unknown
New chart
Trientje Hensums
Female 1875-1908
New chart
Jan Hensums
Male 1879-Date unknown
Trijntje Draaijer
Female 1888-Date unknown
Janna Hensums
Female 1882-1883
Hinderik Jans Hensums
Male 1797-Date unknown
Willem Drok
Male 1849-1907
Geessien Missche
Female 1855-1936
New chart
Harmina Drok
Female 1851-1928
Harm Kuiper
Male About 1857-1912
Willem Drok
Male 1853-1888
Elsien Lameijer
Female 1865-Date unknown
Jantje Reit
Female 1855-1883
New chart
Antje Niemeijer
Female 1833-1906
Bruine Brands
Male 1838-1921
Willem Niemeijer
Male 1866-1928
Wendelke Heis
Female 1868-1947
New chart
Mina Potze
Female 1872-1952
New chart
Harm Niemeijer
Male 1869-1954
Willemtje Meijer
Female 1843-1935
Wolter Fennema
Male 1877-1966
New chart
Hinderika Drenth
Female 1873-1956
Jantien Klompmaker
Female About 1871-Date unknown
Otto Sikkens
Male About 1870-Date unknown
Jan Hofkamp
Male 1875-Date unknown
Janna Nijmeijer
Female 1840-Date unknown
Albert Klompmaker
Male 1839-Date unknown
Lammert Huizing
Male 1869-1926
Mina Huiting
Female 1876-1953
New chart
Berend Huizing
Male 1874-1956
Elsien Kruize
Female 1880-1916
New chart
Grietje Huizing
Female About 1877-1919
Theodorus Schomaker
Male About 1876-Date unknown
New chart
Harm Geertsema
Male 1878-1956
New chart
Anke Niemeijer
Female 1843-Date unknown
Berend Huizing
Male 1834-Date unknown
Willem Nijmeijer
Male 1876-1895
Annechien Nijmeijer
Female 1878-Date unknown
Frederik Hagedoorn
Male 1880-Date unknown
New chart
Berend Nijmeijer
Male 1882-Date unknown
Marchien Visser
Female 1878-Date unknown
New chart
Boukje Bots
Female 1893-1970
New chart
Johanna Huizing
Female 1850-1924
Janna Nijmeijer
Female 1894-Date unknown
Willem de Jonge
Male 1893-Date unknown
Tonnissien Zuidema
Female About 1861-1939
Jan Wakker
Male About 1872-1954
New chart
Berent Huiting
Male About 1883-Date unknown
Geesje Tolhuis
Female About 1886-Date unknown
Hillechien Huiting
Female About 1886-Date unknown
Albert Timmer
Male 1882-Date unknown
Willemtien Nijmeijer
Female 1849-Date unknown
Harm Huiting
Male 1850-Date unknown
Dina Nijmeijer
Female 1884-1963
Harm Alting
Male 1881-1955
Anna Bloem
Female 1897-1986
New chart
Berendje Nijmeijer
Female About 1889-Date unknown
Arend Bosma
Male About 1889-Date unknown
Jantien Nijmeijer
Female 1891-Date unknown
Gerrit Jeuring
Male 1899-Date unknown
Berend Nijmeijer
Male About 1892-About 1896
Wubbe Nijmeijer
Male 1894-1970
Janna Nijmeijer
Female 1897-1978
Bonne van der Bij
Male About 1906-1969
Geessien Nijmeijer
Female About 1900-Date unknown
Warntjo Blokzijl
Male 1878-Date unknown
Willem Nijmeijer
Male 1851-1921
Berend Hindriks Nijmeijer
Male 1806-Date unknown
Berendina Wijnholds
Female 1818-Date unknown
New chart


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