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Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe

Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe


Notes: Westenesch is een buurtschap in de Nederlandse provincie Drenthe, gemeente Emmen, dat valt onder de stad Emmen. Op 1 januari 2004 had het ongeveer 200 inwoners. Het buurtschap heeft een beschermd dorpsgezicht met unieke boerderijen

City/Town : Latitude: 52.786925, Longitude: 6.871721


Ellende in de Veenkolonieen


Matches 1 to 69 of 69

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Albers, A.  16 February 1865Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I411289
2 Bouwers, J.  09 September 1897Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I348370
3 Bouwers, J.  14 January 1891Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I348367
4 Bouwers, J.  28 June 1892Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I348368
5 Bouwers, S.  23 January 1895Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I348369
6 Brink, H.  29 August 1869Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I369325
7 Christoffers, A.H.  1791Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I160447
8 Christoffers, Z.  03 February 1801Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I753046
9 Derks, N.  17 July 1883Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I103338
10 Dries, W.R.  1780Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I130440
11 Geerts, A.  16 November 1892Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I148474
12 Gerrits, M.  09 June 1886Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I667342
13 Gerrits, R.  08 August 1838Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I408492
14 Gerrits, R.  01 October 1872Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I6686
15 Hendriks, L.  1758Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I166050
16 Houwing, A.  24 June 1878Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I347864
17 Houwing, A.  24 April 1885Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I347981
18 Houwing, A.  13 April 1891Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I348290
19 Houwing, G.  24 August 1887Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I348758
20 Houwing, H.  05 February 1880Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I348324
21 Houwing, J.  02 August 1845Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I349737
22 Houwing, J.  21 December 1881Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I348222
23 Huising, J.M.  1767Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I413061
24 Jacobs, A.T.  About 1750Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I416944
25 Jalving, R.  04 November 1869Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I395173
26 Jeuring, J.  20 January 1842Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I160405
27 Jeurink, R.  29 April 1838Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I138234
28 Karst, A.  23 July 1890Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I394885
29 Karst, T.  06 February 1888Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I394884
30 Katerberg, J.  03 October 1884Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I348903
31 Koers, J.  12 April 1852Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I525855
32 Kroeze, J.H.  18 January 1761Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I326711
33 Kuipers, K.J.  1756Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I125322
34 Kuper, R.  04 September 1878Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I358259
35 Lanting, H.  30 January 1846Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I186354
36 Meijeringe, A.B.  1682Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I323136
37 Meijeringe, B.  About 1650Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I323131
38 Nijeschirring, T.H.  1715Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I166131
39 Oldenschirring, H.H.  1700Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I16745
40 Schepers, G.  10 September 1901Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I564134
41 Schepers, L.  Approximately 1903Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I564131
42 Schirring, T.A.  1706Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I402076
43 Schutrups, A.H.  21 May 1895Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I417022
44 Schutrups, G.  12 November 1897Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I417023
45 Schutrups, G.  09 January 1891Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I417021
46 Schutrups, H.  25 December 1887Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I417020
47 Schutrups, J.  16 December 1884Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I417019
48 Schutrups, W.  18 November 1882Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I417018
49 Segers, W.  About 1610Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I401329
50 Seubers, F.  12 September 1847Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I379989
51 Smeenge, A.J.  1733Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I416937
52 Smegen, A.  07 December 1852Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I776807
53 Soebers, E.  About 1655Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I326355
54 Stoffers, H.  1789Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I39239
55 Strating, L.  24 August 1865Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I8337
56 Timmerman, R.J.  1731Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I416936
57 Uilders, H.  14 February 1884Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I335770
58 Vording, T.J.  16 December 1883Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I345572
59 Weurding, G.W.  1805Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I412084
60 Weuring, W.  14 January 1841Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I525843
61 Wiggers, H.  1775Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I16740
62 Wiggers, H.  13 January 1846Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I417010
63 Wiggers, J.  16 November 1809Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I417003
64 Wiggers, J.  13 October 1848Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I417006
65 Wiggers, L.  1804Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I417002
66 Wiggers, R.  05 June 1851Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I417011
67 Wiggers, R.  29 April 1855Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I417012
68 Woerdinge, G.W.  1730Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I323920
69 Zwiers, J.  02 January 1875Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I335058


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptised    Person ID 
1 Christoffers, A.H.  20 March 1791Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I160447
2 Dries, W.R.  17 September 1780Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I130440
3 Kroeze, J.H.  25 January 1761Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I326711
4 Kuipers, K.J.  12 December 1756Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I125322
5 Stoffers, H.  18 April 1789Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I39239
6 Wiggers, J.  19 November 1809Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I417003


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bouwers, J.  08 July 1891Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I348367
2 Bults, G.J.  27 April 1819Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I166040
3 Derks, N.  17 July 1883Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I103338
4 Derks Lanting, R.  06 November 1817Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I438607
5 Eefting, A.B.  24 February 1827Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I316734
6 Frericks, G.W.  07 December 1838Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I408478
7 Gerrits, H.  22 April 1868Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I408507
8 Grevinge, J.R.  1776Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I416934
9 Haandrikman, J.  08 November 1849Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I92356
10 Hebers, A.H.  1900Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I417009
11 Hilbrands, R.  28 July 1851Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I16741
12 Hilbrands, W.  27 October 1856Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I401289
13 Hindriks, A.  27 April 1809Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I166053
14 IJkinge, J.H.  13 January 1784Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I166122
15 Jans, G.  Date unknownWestenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I401624
16 Lambers, J.  15 July 1894Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I348358
17 Lok, J.  04 January 1888Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I778721
18 Loman, H.H.  18 January 1826Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I412649
19 Loman, H.J.  03 January 1806Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I412650
20 Lutke, H.  05 February 1886Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I348359
21 Lutke, J.  17 January 1895Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I348356
22 Lutke, J.  26 June 1887Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I348361
23 Nijeschirring, T.H.  1796Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I166131
24 Oldenschirring, L.  08 September 1832Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I16744
25 Roelfs, G.  Date unknownWestenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I416935
26 Roelofs, G.  Date unknownWestenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I75365
27 Sanders, R.J.  07 July 1820Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I337629
28 Schot, B.  06 February 1940Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I411290
29 Seubers, F.  01 October 1847Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I379989
30 Seubers, J.  15 March 1816Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I78516
31 Smits, M.  19 October 1879Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I314894
32 Snijders, A.  21 June 1872Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I28055
33 Soebers, E.  16 April 1709Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I403413
34 Timmer, H.B.  31 March 1838Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I28033
35 Vording, J.  07 August 1884Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I154142
36 Vrijling, Z.  Date unknownWestenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I402279
37 Wagenborg, E.H.  24 October 1847Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I238792
38 Wiggers, H.  31 October 1851Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I16740
39 Wiggers, J.  27 December 1822Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I417053
40 Wiggers, J.  05 June 1895Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I417051
41 Wiggers, R.  15 August 1851Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I417011
42 Wiggers, W.H.  22 January 1817Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I417052
43 Wiggers, W.H.  26 June 1898Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I417054
44 Zwiers, Z.G.  05 January 1843Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I138236


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Hendriks, L.  12 January 1796Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I166050
2 Huising, J.M.  04 October 1835Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I413061
3 Kuiper, A.B.  23 February 1827Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I358101
4 Wilts, E.R.  20 January 1838Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I413056


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Bults, G.J.  Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I166040
2 IJkinge, J.H.  Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe I166122


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bults / Hendriks  13 May 1792Westenesch, Emmen, Drenthe F66177


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