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Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen

Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen


Notes: Thesinge is een dorpje in de gemeente Ten Boer, in de provincie Groningen (Nederland).
Thesinge is in de 16e eeuw ontstaan op de grond van het benedictijnenklooster "Germania" dat na de Reformatie werd afgebroken. De huidige kerk is een klein overblijfsel van wat eens een machtig klooster was.


City/Town : Latitude: 53.2683333333333, Longitude: 6.65027777777778


Een oude kaart van Ten Boer


Matches 1 to 245 of 245

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arends, Garmt  1740Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I616244
2 Arends, Klaaske  1742Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I616248
3 Arents, Anje  1711Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I333388
4 Balkema, Himke  05 April 1868Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I647566
5 van der Beek, Derkje Geerts  1790Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I598913
6 van der Beek, Derkjen  1788Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I598911
7 van der Beek, Jan Geerts  1793Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I598908
8 van der Beek, Klaas Geerts  1786Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I598912
9 van der Beek, Marten Geerts  1799Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I598915
10 van der Beek, Martje Geerts  1797Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I598914
11 van der Beek, Tijmen Geerts  1804Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I598916
12 Bijmolt, Geert  09 August 1875Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I41286
13 Bijmolt, Jan  23 November 1878Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I41189
14 Blink, Geertje  07 August 1880Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I540302
15 Boer, Catrina  02 May 1886Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I627335
16 Boer, Catrina  28 November 1887Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I627337
17 Boer, Jan  28 August 1888Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I321058
18 Boer, Klaas  30 January 1895Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I627339
19 Boer, NN  19 November 1890Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I627338
20 Bolhuis, Aldert  07 October 1899Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I487795
21 Bolhuis, Aukje  06 October 1840Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595490
22 Bolhuis, Auktje  17 February 1842Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595498
23 Bolhuis, Ekberdien  17 April 1832Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595473
24 Bolhuis, Elle  24 April 1844Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595500
25 Bolhuis, Elle  26 June 1846Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595503
26 Bolhuis, Elle  20 September 1851Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I487826
27 Bolhuis, Geessien  15 September 1847Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I254105
28 Bolhuis, Hebel  01 January 1837Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595510
29 Bolhuis, Hendrik  06 January 1901Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I487350
30 Bolhuis, Hindrik  02 March 1838Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595486
31 Bolhuis, Jan  05 February 1843Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595499
32 Bolhuis, Jantje  25 November 1833Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I18193
33 Bolhuis, Louwe  16 February 1839Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595488
34 Bolhuis, NN  07 July 1850Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595505
35 Bolhuis, Siemen  03 May 1874Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I487827
36 Bolhuis, Thies  05 April 1876Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I487828
37 Bolhuis, Thies  01 December 1877Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I487829
38 Bolhuis, Thijs  15 March 1835Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595484
39 van der Borg, Hinderika  14 February 1896Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I501159
40 Bouwsema, Pieter  1828Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I627797
41 Brondijk, Engelina  26 September 1861Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I368765
42 Brongers, Peterdina Catharina  1791Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I591824
43 Bult, Getruida  28 August 1877Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I243076
44 Corstius, Melchior  1841Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I431823
45 Dieken, Eltje  Approximately 1853Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I41218
46 Dijkema, Albertje  About 1895Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I627569
47 Dijkema, Andries  07 October 1884Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I243087
48 Dijkema, Anje  01 April 1889Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I243088
49 Dijkema, Anje  12 December 1914Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I240426
50 Dijkema, Hinderkien  25 December 1911Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I243100
51 Dolfijn, Oomke Tijmens  1795Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I565611
52 van Eerden, Elizabeth  02 April 1879Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I243089
53 van Eerden, Menno  24 February 1885Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I651819
54 Geerts, Harm  1775Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I677914
55 Geerts, Martje  August 1766Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I677905
56 Geerts, Ocke  1773Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I677913
57 Goede, Daniel Hanszen  Date unknownThesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I642714
58 Groenveld, Martje  06 April 1835Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595049
59 Groenveld, Trientje  07 June 1840Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I487761
60 Hammenga, Anje Luurts  1805Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I585128
61 van Hasselt, Hartog  05 March 1891Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I538818
62 Havenga, Eltje  02 October 1879Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I628033
63 Heersema, Derk  26 April 1859Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I508666
64 Heersema, Derk  January 1920Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I508656
65 Heijnes, Jan  1734Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I565650
66 Hofstede, Anna Cornelis  1779Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I789563
67 Hofstede, Claas Cornelis  1765Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I789560
68 Hofstede, Gertruda Cornelis  1769Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I789561
69 Hofstede, Hindrik Cornelis  1773Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I789562
70 Hofstede, Roelfien Cornelis  1775Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I275550
71 Hofstede, Trijntje Cornelis  1764Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I789559
72 Hofstee, Heine Kornellis  1767Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I789534
73 Holtman, Ebeltje Ritzes  1805Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I363458
74 Hoogstra, Antje  15 September 1907Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I541460
75 Jacobs, Lammert  1752Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I732678
76 Jacobs, Lammert  1786Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I732701
77 Jans, Rickstje  1744Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I321823
78 Kits, Jacoba Henderika  11 August 1905Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I548423
79 Kobes, Pieter  Date unknownThesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I710467
80 Kooima, Anje  23 March 1862Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I627622
81 Kraaima, Monje  26 July 1807Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I769752
82 Kuen, Anneke  1680Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I515503
83 Kuen, Arent Hendrik  1672Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I515498
84 Kuen, Bartholomeus  1649Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I515492
85 Kuen, Debora  1651Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I515185
86 Kuen, Elisabeth  1665Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I515495
87 Kuen, Guiljam  1654Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I515494
88 Kuen, Guiljam  1678Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I515502
89 Kuen, Hilletien  1667Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I515496
90 Kuen, Joachim Sebastiaan  1648Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I515491
91 Kuen, Marijke  1652Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I515493
92 Lammerts, Jacob  1784Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I732680
93 Landman, Albert  06 December 1866Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I573141
94 van Leeuwen, Egbertje  02 March 1869Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I704243
95 van Leeuwen, Jantje  11 September 1866Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I704242
96 van Linge, Hendrik Cornelius  29 April 1875Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I471054
97 Luddes, Derk  Date unknownThesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I327729
98 Maat, Azing  15 April 1875Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I543462
99 Maat, Harmke  24 May 1873Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I602132
100 Maatjes, Aaltje  09 September 1863Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I564612
101 Maatjes, Grietje  30 October 1860Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I627848
102 Maatjes, Jan  01 March 1907Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I344380
103 Meelker, Beeldje  16 April 1873Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I671924
104 Meelker, Jan  25 October 1866Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I489636
105 Mekkes, Geertje  04 March 1839Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I564084
106 Molema, Anje  07 December 1820Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I570719
107 Molema, Anje  19 April 1823Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I570734
108 Molter, Harm  10 March 1879Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I472361
109 Molter, Jan  22 March 1903Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I472364
110 Molter, Seike  15 August 1861Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I508687
111 Mulder, Trientje  09 July 1858Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I461329
112 Mulder, Trijntje  17 August 1858Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I556591
113 Offerhaus, Alida Lamberta Gesina  29 November 1865Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I263869
114 Oomkens, Eltje  31 May 1902Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I628057
115 Oomkens, Geert  29 January 1869Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I487468
116 Oomkens, Hendrik  24 October 1895Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I628052
117 Oomkens, Hendrik  June 1934Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I627035
118 Oomkens, Herman  24 June 1864Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I628049
119 Oomkens, Hindrik  29 November 1896Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I628043
120 Oomkens, Jan  14 June 1873Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I627266
121 Oomkens, Jan  1926Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I627152
122 Oomkens, Jantje  17 April 1900Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I628055
123 Oomkens, Jantje  11 July 1905Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I628058
124 Oomkens, Mattheus  27 September 1896Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I628053
125 Oomkens, Menno  30 December 1866Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I628047
126 Oomkens, Menno  13 March 1901Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I628056
127 Oomkes, Aaltje  29 August 1882Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I628034
128 Oomkes, Alje  15 August 1878Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I628050
129 Oomkes, Geessien  03 May 1875Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I628045
130 Oomkes, Jan  17 June 1885Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I628042
131 Oomkes, Lena  17 June 1885Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I628044
132 Oomkes, Luitje  19 February 1878Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I321285
133 Oomkes, NN  13 February 1899Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I628054
134 Oostland, Getruida  03 October 1882Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I243184
135 Pekelaer, Ellerus  16 March 1820Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I6122
136 Pesman, Anje  08 February 1878Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I441419
137 Pesman, Anje  22 February 1879Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I683922
138 Pesman, Derkje  08 November 1875Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I683921
139 Pesman, Eppea  24 April 1881Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I441452
140 Pesman, Hendrik  09 June 1846Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I441829
141 Pesman, Hidde Henderikus  19 July 1873Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I683920
142 Pesman, Jannes  05 May 1875Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I227617
143 Pesman, Klaas  22 February 1879Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I441451
144 Pesman, Kornelis Ame  05 March 1869Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I683918
145 Pesman, Trientje  22 April 1871Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I683919
146 Pestman, Anje Pieters  1771Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I374716
147 Reker, Tetje  24 September 1875Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I243195
148 Ridder, Hendrik  20 February 1906Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I441556
149 Ridder, Roelf  03 December 1879Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I441557
150 Ritsema, Annechien  22 December 1883Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595193
151 Ritsema, Jantje  13 October 1885Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595194
152 Ritsema, Klaas  16 August 1881Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595192
153 Ritsema, Pieter  About 1893Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I782457
154 Ritsema, Trientje  28 November 1887Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595195
155 Roosingh, Jan  1708Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I502243
156 Schaaphok, Afien  23 June 1882Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I368459
157 Schaaphok, Egge  23 August 1887Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I368462
158 Schaaphok, Grietje  14 May 1879Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I368457
159 Schaaphok, Hendrik  08 January 1878Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I349632
160 Schaaphok, Jan  27 February 1884Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I368460
161 Schaaphok, Jannes  30 June 1886Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I368461
162 Schaaphok, Pieter  29 January 1881Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I368458
163 Schipper, Tjaart  06 April 1870Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I320679
164 Schoonveld, Arend  13 January 1873Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I542867
165 Schutter, Albertje Klaassens  1790Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I732696
166 Schutter, Anje Klaassens  1800Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I732699
167 Schutter, Geertje Klaassens  1795Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I732698
168 Schutter, Gerrit  1834Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I627795
169 Schutter, Gesina  1864Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I169438
170 Schutter, Jacob Klaassens  1782Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I732693
171 Schutter, Jantje Klaassens  1775Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I732694
172 Schutter, Nantje Klaassens  1797Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I329151
173 Schutter, Tidde Klaassens  1788Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I732675
174 Schutter, Tiddo Willems  22 March 1831Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I343129
175 Schutter, Wellemt Klaassens  1780Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I732695
176 Schutter, Willem  About 1886Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I262397
177 Schutter, Willem Klaassens  1793Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I732697
178 Sebens, Aaltje  20 March 1894Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595205
179 Sebens, Klazina  07 September 1898Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595207
180 Sebens, NN  30 August 1896Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595206
181 Sebens, Tammo  18 February 1893Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595204
182 Slagter, Sijbolt Jan  29 June 1909Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I527678
183 Smit, Jakob  1852Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I710687
184 Swaagman, Lutgerdina  1779Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I101349
185 Tempel, Jantje  29 July 1858Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I319978
186 Trip, Eisse  12 May 1823Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I511386
187 Veenkamp, Cornelia Klasina  13 January 1910Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I642303
188 Veenkamp, Trijntje Annette  22 July 1907Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I642302
189 Vegter, Cornelia  22 May 1886Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I441558
190 Venema, Claas Arends  1744Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I616133
191 Vink, Jantje  29 July 1890Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I647341
192 Vredevoogd, Egbertje  03 March 1837Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I32484
193 Vredevoogd, Elizabeth  1829Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I161632
194 Vredevoogd, Heine Jans  1775Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I565648
195 Vredevoogd, Jakob  08 July 1834Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I565543
196 Vredevoogd, Jakob Jans  05 April 1767Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I565609
197 Vredevoogd, Jan  21 May 1843Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I565528
198 Vredevoogd, Jantje Jakobs  1796Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I565606
199 Vredevoogd, Klaas Jacobs  1803Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I565519
200 Vredevoogd, Laurens  22 April 1840Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I565518
201 Vredevoogd, Laurens  02 January 1879Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I565545
202 Vrucht, Ellechien  28 September 1874Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I628048
203 Vrugt, Martje  31 December 1882Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I488494
204 Wais, Grietje  13 October 1857Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I13460
205 Wais, Klaas Roelfs  24 January 1819Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I18192
206 Wais, Willemtje  20 July 1856Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595188
207 Weemhoff, Trientje Willems  28 December 1814Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I627509
208 de Weerd, Cornelia Sentina  19 May 1854Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I769945
209 de Weerd, Gilles  18 October 1851Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I769944
210 de Weerd, Sentina Wilhelmina  16 July 1861Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I769946
211 Wierenga, Hindrik  30 August 1893Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I444422
212 Wieringa, Bieuwke  28 February 1818Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I570731
213 Wieringa, Jan  Approximately 1894Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I137658
214 Willems, Anje  04 September 1721Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I502269
215 Willems, Geert  19 April 1713Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I502274
216 Willems, Geert  22 March 1716Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I502273
217 Willems, Geert  20 March 1717Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I502272
218 Willems, Geert  28 July 1719Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I502271
219 Willems, Geert  04 September 1721Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I502270
220 Willems, Geert  14 October 1722Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I502268
221 Willems, Geert  29 April 1725Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I502267
222 Willems, Hindrick  1729Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I502265
223 Willems, Pieterke  1709Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I502275
224 Willems, Pieterke  1727Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I502266
225 Wiltjer, Evert Pieters  28 April 1799Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I462400
226 Wiltjer, Teije  23 February 1882Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I459645
227 Wiltjer, Trientje  11 September 1834Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I774297
228 Wiltjer, Trijntje Derks  04 March 1779Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I463036
229 Wiltjer, Willem Derks  1776Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I565607
230 Woldendorp, Jan Kornellies  1779Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I59361
231 van Zanten, Bouwke  23 December 1878Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I485114
232 van Zanten, Geert  30 July 1883Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I485119
233 van Zanten, Heiko Jan  24 November 1888Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I485122
234 van Zanten, Jan  19 November 1877Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I485112
235 van Zanten, Jan  27 December 1880Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I55241
236 van Zanten, Jan Willems  1790Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I627577
237 van Zanten, Jantje  29 September 1820Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I14969
238 van Zanten, Johanna  25 April 1895Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I485124
239 van Zanten, Lutchertje Willems  1793Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I459340
240 van Zanten, Tjaaktje  04 May 1887Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I485121
241 van Zanten, Tjaaktje  23 December 1891Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I485123
242 van Zanten, Willem  23 February 1885Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I485120
243 Zijlema, Martje  About 1849Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I266519
244 Zijlstra, Sietske  20 December 1865Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I564454
245 Zuidhof, Jantje  09 October 1874Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I619117


Matches 1 to 54 of 54

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptised    Person ID 
1 Arends, Garmt  17 January 1740Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I616244
2 Arends, Klaaske  22 April 1742Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I616248
3 Arents, Anje  09 August 1711Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I333388
4 van der Beek, Derkje Geerts  31 January 1790Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I598913
5 van der Beek, Derkjen  28 December 1788Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I598911
6 van der Beek, Jan Geerts  22 December 1793Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I598908
7 van der Beek, Klaas Geerts  22 January 1786Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I598912
8 van der Beek, Marten Geerts  17 February 1799Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I598915
9 van der Beek, Martje Geerts  08 October 1797Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I598914
10 van der Beek, Tijmen Geerts  18 March 1804Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I598916
11 Geerts, Harm  26 March 1775Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I677914
12 Geerts, Ocke  13 June 1773Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I677913
13 Hofstede, Anna Cornelis  17 January 1779Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I789563
14 Hofstede, Claas Cornelis  20 October 1765Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I789560
15 Hofstede, Gertruda Cornelis  12 November 1769Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I789561
16 Hofstede, Hindrik Cornelis  03 January 1773Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I789562
17 Hofstede, Roelfien Cornelis  19 March 1775Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I275550
18 Hofstede, Trijntje Cornelis  04 March 1764Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I789559
19 Hofstee, Heine Kornellis  27 September 1767Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I789534
20 Jacobs, Lammert  10 September 1752Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I732678
21 Jacobs, Lammert  23 March 1786Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I732701
22 Jans, Rickstje  26 September 1744Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I321823
23 Kraaima, Monje  04 October 1807Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I769752
24 Kuen, Anneke  25 April 1680Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I515503
25 Kuen, Elisabeth  11 June 1665Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I515495
26 Kuen, Guiljam  25 December 1678Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I515502
27 Kuen, Hilletien  01 January 1667Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I515496
28 Lammerts, Jacob  22 August 1784Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I732680
29 Pestman, Anje Pieters  04 August 1771Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I374716
30 Roosingh, Jan  25 March 1708Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I502243
31 Schutter, Albertje Klaassens  04 July 1790Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I732696
32 Schutter, Anje Klaassens  03 August 1800Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I732699
33 Schutter, Geertje Klaassens  31 May 1795Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I732698
34 Schutter, Jacob Klaassens  27 October 1782Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I732693
35 Schutter, Jantje Klaassens  23 July 1775Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I732694
36 Schutter, Nantje Klaassens  07 May 1797Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I329151
37 Schutter, Tidde Klaassens  29 June 1788Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I732675
38 Schutter, Wellemt Klaassens  06 August 1780Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I732695
39 Schutter, Willem Klaassens  09 June 1793Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I732697
40 Swaagman, Lutgerdina  17 January 1779Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I101349
41 Venema, Claas Arends  22 March 1744Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I616133
42 Willems, Anje  07 September 1721Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I502269
43 Willems, Geert  23 April 1713Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I502274
44 Willems, Geert  29 March 1716Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I502273
45 Willems, Geert  21 March 1717Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I502272
46 Willems, Geert  28 July 1719Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I502271
47 Willems, Geert  07 September 1721Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I502270
48 Willems, Geert  18 October 1722Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I502268
49 Willems, Geert  29 April 1725Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I502267
50 Willems, Hindrick  01 April 1729Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I502265
51 Willems, Pieterke  30 June 1709Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I502275
52 Willems, Pieterke  17 May 1727Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I502266
53 van Zanten, Jan Willems  14 November 1790Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I627577
54 van Zanten, Lutchertje Willems  10 November 1793Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I459340


Matches 1 to 98 of 98

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blaak, Jantje Hindriks  19 September 1896Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I243178
2 Blaauw, Jan  27 July 1952Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I334328
3 Boer, Aldert  31 January 1935Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I627239
4 Boer, Annechien  05 November 1886Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I627336
5 Boer, Klaas  30 May 1895Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I627339
6 Boer, NN  19 November 1890Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I627338
7 Boer, Tonnis  27 June 1919Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I627329
8 Bolhuis, Aukje  12 May 1841Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595490
9 Bolhuis, Auktje  20 April 1929Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595498
10 Bolhuis, Egberdien  26 May 1830Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595472
11 Bolhuis, Elle  07 August 1844Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595500
12 Bolhuis, Elle  30 August 1846Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595503
13 Bolhuis, Geessien  08 January 1924Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I254105
14 Bolhuis, Geessien Jans  22 June 1864Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I485441
15 Bolhuis, Hebel  25 December 1900Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595510
16 Bolhuis, Hindrik  01 March 1870Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595486
17 Bolhuis, Jan  22 October 1939Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I487782
18 Bolhuis, Kornelis  26 July 1942Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I487773
19 Bolhuis, Louwe  20 November 1854Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595488
20 Bolhuis, NN  07 July 1850Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595505
21 Bolhuis, Siemen Thijs  13 November 1884Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I18196
22 Bolhuis, Thies  29 May 1876Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I487828
23 Bolhuis, Thijs  01 March 1912Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595484
24 Bos, Simon Ritses  05 July 1896Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I254104
25 Brakema, Folgert  23 September 1931Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I627346
26 van Delden, Henderikus  12 October 1919Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I629733
27 Dijkema, Harmke Martina  17 November 1944Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I630961
28 Dijkema, Hinderkien  25 December 1911Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I243100
29 van Eerden, Abel  18 February 1918Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I649726
30 van Eerden, Willemke  28 June 1926Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I488497
31 Elama, Trientje Gerrits  Date unknownThesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I102586
32 Fekkers, Eentje  05 April 1960Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I485138
33 van Ham, Aaltje  08 December 1925Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I28852
34 Havenga, Willem Jans  26 October 1894Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I259977
35 Heersema, Derk  13 May 1921Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I508656
36 Hoving, Tamme Roelfs  01 November 1858Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I494537
37 Huttenga, Albert  07 July 1903Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I572654
38 Janssen, Jantje  22 May 1872Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I471045
39 Klasen, Egbertje  08 March 1810Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I565610
40 Klunder, Tjake  05 December 1932Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I599288
41 Koning, Annechien  18 April 1927Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I627242
42 Koning, Fenna Lourents  26 March 1846Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I565520
43 Koning, Grietje Hindriks  09 May 1862Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I18197
44 Kort, Arent  07 March 1895Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I459331
45 Kuen, Sebastianus  13 December 1686Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I515489
46 de Langen, Maria  10 January 1890Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I769795
47 van Leeuwen, Egbertus  05 August 1894Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I704239
48 van der Linde, Jantje  07 September 1911Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I649725
49 Michiels, Willem  25 November 1848Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I709422
50 Oomkens, Eltje  27 April 1912Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I628057
51 Oomkens, Jan  08 April 1874Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I627266
52 Oomkens, Jantje  25 April 1900Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I628055
53 Oomkens, Jantje  18 August 1905Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I628058
54 Oomkens, Menno  09 July 1898Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I628047
55 Oomkes, Jan  09 November 1886Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I628042
56 Oomkes, NN  13 February 1899Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I628054
57 Oostland, Getruida  30 March 1883Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I243184
58 Oostland, Hendrik  17 January 1890Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I243177
59 Overzet, Hendrik  02 July 1913Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I627345
60 Pesman, Anje  18 September 1878Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I441419
61 Pesman, Hessel  31 July 1906Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I28851
62 Pesman, Jannes  07 May 1875Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I227617
63 Postema, Jantje Alders  17 November 1858Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I494540
64 Ritsema, Annechien  29 March 1894Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595193
65 Ritsema, Geert  15 November 1887Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595189
66 Ritsema, Klaas  07 July 1890Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595192
67 Ritsema, Trientje  29 May 1906Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595195
68 Scherphuis, Aaltien  23 January 1912Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I627804
69 Scherphuis, Ties Siemen  18 July 1918Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I627808
70 Schutter, Anje Klaassens  25 May 1822Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I732699
71 Schutter, Jantje Klaassens  12 June 1845Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I732694
72 Schutter, Klaas Jacobs  08 January 1818Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I506451
73 Schutter, Willem Klaassens  04 August 1866Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I732697
74 Sebens, NN  30 August 1896Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595206
75 Sebens, Tammo  15 October 1893Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595204
76 Sterenberg, Anje  06 May 1918Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I572598
77 Stollenga, Popke  07 May 1950Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I627859
78 Streurman, Harm Geerts  01 September 1872Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I627721
79 Tammenga, Jantje  25 April 1935Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I706706
80 Tiddes, Pilke  04 June 1809Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I720951
81 Toppen, Jantje Hiddes  04 February 1898Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I263809
82 Vegter, Hindrik Hindriks  18 August 1863Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I459333
83 Vredevoogd, Jakob Jans  31 October 1810Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I565609
84 Vredevoogd, Klaas Jacobs  26 May 1860Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I565519
85 Vrucht, Ellechien  01 January 1944Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I628048
86 Vrugt, Jan  21 February 1929Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I488496
87 Wais, Klaas Roelfs  01 April 1859Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I18192
88 Wais, Willemtje  02 June 1902Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I595188
89 de Weerd, Klaas  02 October 1897Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I769943
90 Westerveld, Anje  21 March 1935Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I459725
91 Wierenga, Jantje  15 March 1929Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I55210
92 Wiltjer, Trijntje Derks  13 January 1807Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I463036
93 Zandt, Jakob  28 April 1919Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I142221
94 van Zanten, Heiko Jan  30 December 1888Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I485122
95 van Zanten, Jan  10 December 1877Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I485112
96 van Zanten, Pieter  22 January 1943Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I55242
97 van Zanten, Pieter  22 December 1954Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I485108
98 van Zanten, Tjaaktje  04 October 1888Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I485121


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Kuen, Sebastianus  Between 1646 and 1686Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen I515489


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Beek / Kornelis  16 October 1785Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen F230749
2 Dercks / Tjasses  30 March 1739Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen F236517
3 Everts / Wiltjer  03 February 1799Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen F179871
4 Geerts / Rosing  15 May 1707Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen F195220
5 Heijnes / Meima  08 June 1766Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen F218808
6 Jacobs / Clasen  26 September 1706Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen F292113
7 Jacobs / Tiddes  07 November 1779Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen F277146
8 Luddes / Oosterhuis  29 May 1757Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen F128624
9 Okkes / Heijns  03 April 1768Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen F258197
10 Swaagman / Berends  16 October 1768Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen F146790
11 Venema / Onnes  19 July 1767Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen F236484
12 Vredevoogd / Klasen  31 May 1795Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen F218793


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