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Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe

Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe


Notes: Een streek ten zuid-westen van Roswinkel

City/Town : Latitude: 52.832189, Longitude: 7.023194


Ellende in de Veenkolonieen


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alting, Jan  03 August 1887Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I636359
2 Alting, Rikus  16 March 1900Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I521685
3 Blom, Hendrikje  04 November 1898Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I151340
4 Blom, Jan  18 July 1902Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I151337
5 Blom, Renske  Approximately 1904Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I151342
6 Blom, Roelfien  13 April 1900Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I151341
7 Harms, Hermannus Gerhardus  01 April 1900Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I183660
8 Huizing, Jannes  16 May 1890Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I766123
9 van Klinken, Grietje  23 August 1910Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I231329
10 Kremer, Frouwchien  20 September 1884Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I103395
11 Pierweijer, Alkina  26 February 1889Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I244721
12 Pierweijer, Anna  06 January 1887Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I244720
13 Ros, Margien  07 September 1902Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I244671
14 Sanders, Harm  15 February 1898Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I152272
15 Santing, Berendina Albertina  15 February 1897Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I244722
16 Santing, Boele  12 March 1888Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I68988
17 Santing, Hindrik  29 May 1893Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I346643
18 Santing, Jan  09 August 1891Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I244685
19 Santing, Jan Arend  14 March 1887Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I776989
20 Sibon, Aaltje  30 June 1902Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I349413
21 Siersema, Mina  23 February 1890Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I776992
22 Veen, Kornelis  04 February 1894Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I152181
23 Veltrop, Anna Margaretha  12 March 1901Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I183655
24 Veltrop, Gerhardus Johannes Bernardus N  04 December 1894Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I183651
25 Wanningen, Hendrikje  03 September 1897Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I635657
26 Wanningen, Janke  05 May 1889Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I635654
27 Wendels, Engelina  10 September 1888Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I370002
28 Werkman, Trijntje  29 December 1895Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I522791
29 Wessels, Jan  26 September 1901Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I244802
30 Wierenga, Grietje  30 April 1894Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I522267
31 Wijnholds, Luchina  26 November 1895Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I314488
32 Wolters, Berend  04 June 1894Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I473428
33 Wolters, Tecla  01 April 1889Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I473427


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boelen, Antje  28 June 1900Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I24087
2 Boelens, Klaas  22 November 1888Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I411554
3 Boelens, Klaas  29 March 1892Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I411555
4 Borgers, Anna  21 June 1886Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I316321
5 Jonkman, Geertruid  08 March 1883Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I244684
6 Kramer, Wilhelmina  26 March 1891Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I176634
7 Middeljans, Fennegien Hindriks  02 November 1884Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I402211
8 Neef, Kornelis  30 January 1895Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I346395
9 Santing, Boelens  24 July 1882Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I428249
10 Santing, Harmina  03 September 1882Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I428250
11 Santing, Trientien  16 December 1880Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I428252
12 Smit, Gerrit  20 April 1897Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I410121
13 Smit, Jantien  31 March 1897Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I410127
14 Smit, Willem  09 April 1897Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I410128
15 Többen, Willemina  08 November 1893Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I49468
16 Veltrop, Maria Helena  12 March 1909Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I183650
17 Wilken, Berend Hendrik  09 September 1894Oude Schutting, Emmen, Drenthe I174739


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