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Donderen, Vries, Drenthe

Donderen, Vries, Drenthe


Notes: Donderen is een dorp in de gemeente Tynaarlo, in de Nederlandse provincie Drenthe. Op 1 januari 2006 woonden er 430 mensen in het dorp. Donderen ligt op het kruispunt van de N858 en de N386.

City/Town : Latitude: 53.095, Longitude: 6.54555555555556


Een oude kaart van Vries


Matches 1 to 106 of 106

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alberts, J.  06 May 1857Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I396186
2 Alberts, N.  29 April 1860Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I762394
3 Alberts, R.  02 November 1892Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I396190
4 Barelds, H.  28 August 1870Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I403909
5 Boelens, A.J.  26 November 1849Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I410038
6 Boelens, M.  1844Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I410039
7 Brouwer, A.  1758Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I272100
8 Brouwer, E.D.  1760Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I272101
9 Brouwer, H.D.  1753Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I272053
10 Brouwer, J.  1764Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I272102
11 Buist, H.  24 March 1894Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I684345
12 Darneviel, E.  17 July 1899Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I393521
13 Dekkers, A.W.  30 November 1725Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I406635
14 Dieters, A.  09 December 1820Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I761365
15 Emmens, W.  07 February 1856Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I6014
16 Folkerts, J.  13 April 1869Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I459909
17 Geerts, G.  1731Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I73618
18 Geerts, R.  About 1575Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I272420
19 Hamering, H.  06 February 1813Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I186256
20 Harms, G.  1727Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I105862
21 Harms, H.  1730Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I105863
22 Harms, H.  1732Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I44476
23 Harmsen, G.  15 July 1903Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I749187
24 Harmsen, J.  08 February 1908Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I749189
25 Harmsen, J.  08 June 1910Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I749196
26 Harmsen, L.  22 September 1901Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I749186
27 Harmsen, P.  15 September 1905Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I749188
28 Hingstman, A.  13 July 1892Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I403959
29 Hingstman, G.  04 December 1890Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I403958
30 Hingstman, G.  15 January 1881Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I403955
31 Hingstman, G.  1885Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I403963
32 Hingstman, J.  17 December 1886Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I403956
33 Hingstman, W.  06 April 1896Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I403961
34 Homan, A.  1765Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I272415
35 Homan, A.  1753Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I272414
36 Homan, A.G.  About 1660Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I272412
37 Homan, C.  About 1670Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I272413
38 Homan, F.  22 December 1902Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I396243
39 Homan, G.  18 September 1843Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I266547
40 Homan, H.A.  1705Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I280313
41 Homan, J.  14 April 1886Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I396667
42 Homan, P.A.  Estimated in 1715Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I267658
43 Hove, W.  About 1550Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I272423
44 Jans, G.  1728Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I528610
45 Jans, H.  1774Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I268326
46 Jans, J.  02 March 1776Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I268754
47 Jans, M.  1790Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I272058
48 Jonker, G.W.  03 August 1884Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I197032
49 Kalsbeek, J.E.  30 May 1889Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I579571
50 Kalsbeek, J.  29 April 1888Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I579570
51 Kalsbeek, J.  12 March 1891Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I579572
52 Kalsbeek, N.  22 January 1887Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I579569
53 Kalsbeek, N.  03 May 1892Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I579573
54 Kalsbeek, N.  16 July 1898Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I579574
55 Keun, J.  30 August 1885Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I396547
56 Lubbers, F.  30 March 1877Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I158159
57 Luinge, J.S.  1796Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I398463
58 Niemeijer, L.  22 February 1898Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I10399
59 Niemeijer, L.  06 June 1895Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I428579
60 Olthof, G.  20 March 1893Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I459941
61 Olthof, J.  10 January 1890Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I12478
62 Olthof, L.  30 July 1886Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I12477
63 Paas, M.  09 May 1896Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I64725
64 Pieters, J.E.  23 September 1815Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I267680
65 van Ringen, D.  26 September 1896Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I396335
66 van Ringen, G.  30 November 1906Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I749136
67 van Ringen, H.  17 September 1863Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I430185
68 van Ringen, J.  09 March 1905Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I749135
69 van Ringen, J.  29 April 1902Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I749198
70 van Ringen, J.  28 September 1903Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I749134
71 van Ringen, J.  29 October 1908Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I749137
72 van Ringen, M.  25 July 1898Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I749132
73 van Ringen, M.  18 May 1900Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I749133
74 Roelfs, H.  1770Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I244145
75 Roelfs, H.  1776Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I244146
76 Roelfs, H.  1778Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I244085
77 Scheepstra, J.  06 August 1886Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I543342
78 Tolner, G.C.  1779Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I44677
79 Ubels, J.  18 June 1809Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I711564
80 Vedder, M.  06 February 1828Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I10558
81 Vedder, R.  08 January 1851Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I518681
82 Velds, A.  18 June 1901Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I393514
83 Velds, A.  20 April 1900Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I393513
84 Velds, G.  02 March 1899Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I393512
85 Velds, H.  18 March 1898Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I393511
86 Velds, J.  Approximately 1904Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I393524
87 Velds, J.  06 August 1902Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I393515
88 Velds, M.  Approximately January 1909Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I393516
89 Velds, N.  09 October 1913Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I393517
90 Velds, R.  13 May 1865Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I393508
91 Venekamp, B.  28 April 1899Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I158196
92 Venekamp, G.  31 May 1901Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I158197
93 Venekamp, R.  09 October 1902Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I158198
94 Venema, G.L.  1755Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I50837
95 Vries, H.  19 December 1841Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I266554
96 Weersing, G.  29 September 1852Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I430129
97 Wijk, E.  27 June 1812Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I381914
98 Wijk, J.  22 February 1815Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I381915
99 Zondag, A.  24 September 1868Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I430110
100 Zondag, H.  19 March 1853Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I430107
101 Zondag, H.  04 July 1848Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I430105
102 Zondag, J.  01 March 1862Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I430109
103 Zondag, J.  18 January 1856Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I430108
104 Zondag, J.  14 October 1850Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I430106
105 Zondag, L.  15 January 1865Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I128705
106 Zondag, P.  14 January 1859Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I10346


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptised    Person ID 
1 Jans, H.  22 April 1774Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I268326
2 Venema, G.L.  28 December 1755Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I50837


Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abrahams, G.  28 April 1850Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I410009
2 Alberts, L.  19 July 1916Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I671252
3 Arends, J.  04 December 1932Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I562126
4 Boelens, B.J.  04 September 1910Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I410008
5 Boelens, H.J.  04 October 1896Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I410037
6 Braams, G.  11 March 1860Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I267698
7 Brink, E.  21 September 1906Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I268676
8 Brink, J.  22 November 1925Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I579551
9 Danker, H.  11 July 1895Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I10394
10 Dussel, J.  16 February 1931Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I8109
11 Harmsen, J.  25 February 1908Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I749189
12 Harmsen, J.  21 January 1911Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I749196
13 van der Heide, G.J.  18 May 1893Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I12472
14 Hingstman, H.  12 January 1947Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I403940
15 Homan, A.  02 December 1829Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I267660
16 Homan, A.G.  29 March 1882Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I267669
17 Homan, E.G.  10 December 1879Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I267662
18 Homan, G.  24 May 1842Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I267653
19 Homan, P.  20 April 1876Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I267678
20 Homan, T.  21 May 1858Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I267526
21 Jonker, C.R.  28 September 1884Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I197033
22 Kalsbeek, J.  04 September 1888Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I579570
23 Kalsbeek, N.  22 January 1887Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I579569
24 Kalsbeek, N.  03 May 1892Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I579573
25 Kalsbeek, N.  16 July 1898Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I579574
26 Keun, R.  07 January 1958Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I33687
27 Klink, J.  07 July 1864Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I267527
28 Kregel, T.  12 November 1883Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I267663
29 Morisse, H.N.  15 May 1842Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I11745
30 Olthof, G.  06 May 1894Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I459941
31 Olthof, H.  16 December 1896Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I12467
32 Pieters, J.  28 November 1890Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I267684
33 Pieters, J.E.  18 January 1880Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I267680
34 van Ringen, G.  10 June 1907Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I749136
35 van Ringen, H.  05 March 1921Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I396336
36 van Ringen, J.  23 December 1907Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I749134
37 van Ringen, M.  23 May 1899Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I749132
38 Schuiling, M.  06 March 1945Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I393499
39 Stoffers, H.  01 January 1915Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I671251
40 Tonnis, A.  13 February 1889Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I267683
41 Tonnis, T.  07 November 1870Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I267694
42 Vedder, M.  21 August 1870Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I10558
43 Velds, M.  22 October 1909Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I393516
44 Velds, N.  09 October 1913Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I393517
45 Velds, R.  23 June 1951Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I393508
46 de Vries, G.  26 June 1909Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I396337
47 Weijer, H.  21 September 1899Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I268657
48 Winters, G.H.  20 March 1841Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I267670
49 Zondag, J.  04 November 1860Donderen, Vries, Drenthe I430108


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Geerts / Homan  1600Donderen, Vries, Drenthe F107811


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