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Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe

Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe


Notes: Barger-Oosterveen is een buurtschap in de Nederlandse provincie Drenthe, gemeente Emmen, dat hoort bij Klazienaveen. Op 1 januari 2004 had het ongeveer 300 inwoners.

City/Town : Latitude: 52.7041666666667, Longitude: 6.97694444444444


En hier begon het allemaal mee

Een oude kaart van De Provincie Drenthe
Ellende in de Veenkolonieen


Matches 1 to 103 of 103

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bakker, C.J.H.  26 February 1898Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I183019
2 Beddinkhaus, H.A.  14 June 1899Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I177035
3 Boxem, A.  20 March 1895Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I282394
4 Boxem, H.  16 February 1892Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I282395
5 Boxem, H.  08 May 1897Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I284205
6 Boxem, R.  19 May 1898Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I284202
7 Boxem, R.  13 April 1900Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I284206
8 Breider, G.  10 May 1894Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I758088
9 Breider, J.  01 March 1902Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I777829
10 Brinkman, G.  11 June 1895Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I183058
11 Brinkman, L.  16 July 1901Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I183059
12 Brinkmann, H.E.  15 June 1898Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I182480
13 Buss, J.  12 December 1899Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I463526
14 Geerts, G.  09 November 1897Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I8326
15 Geerts, G.J.  25 January 1896Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I389436
16 Haak, M.  01 November 1911Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I182254
17 Habers, W.  08 June 1886Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I522787
18 Heijnen, A.M.  01 September 1886Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I175121
19 Heijnen, A.T.  21 May 1891Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I102841
20 Holdtman, J.  25 May 1893Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I33383
21 Homan, G.  12 June 1895Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I713611
22 Imming, B.H.  01 November 1901Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I731841
23 de Jonge, M.  15 October 1885Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I563827
24 Jonker, H.  05 March 1891Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I386342
25 Klement, M.  31 July 1889Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I745955
26 Kort, A.  15 September 1902Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I152439
27 Kort, G.  08 April 1901Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I152440
28 Kracht, A.G.  29 November 1902Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I751781
29 Kragt, M.G.T.  Approximately 1904Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I386345
30 Lomans, G.  07 August 1893Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I434694
31 Lomans, J.  07 April 1890Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I434693
32 Mensing, B.  10 April 1902Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I564045
33 Moes, M.  10 February 1892Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I546073
34 Moorman, A.  24 September 1898Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I175273
35 Moorman, A.  1904Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I399254
36 Moorman, A.E.  24 December 1898Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I42557
37 Moorman, C.  02 November 1895Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I175272
38 Moorman, G.H.  03 October 1899Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I399252
39 Moorman, G.B.  21 September 1897Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I399250
40 Moorman, J.W.  25 August 1894Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I399248
41 Moorman, J.  28 March 1892Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I457510
42 Moorman, J.M.  13 January 1896Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I399249
43 Moorman, J.M.  18 July 1900Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I42551
44 Moorman, K.  26 October 1896Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I42558
45 Moorman, P.  18 March 1895Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I9006
46 Moorman, R.  11 January 1889Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I399246
47 Moorman, R.  23 May 1887Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I457511
48 Moorman, S.  20 November 1901Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I399253
49 Moorman, W.  1911Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I399257
50 Moorman, W.  20 August 1890Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I399247
51 Oost, A.  27 November 1891Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I578418
52 Oost, D.  25 March 1900Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I578445
53 Oost, G.  27 June 1897Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I578442
54 Oost, H.  02 April 1895Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I578441
55 Oost, Z.  12 March 1893Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I578419
56 Oosting, J.  24 March 1902Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I629987
57 van Os, J.H.  19 April 1902Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I473284
58 Plas, A.M.  03 May 1901Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I9814
59 Plas, G.A.  17 March 1890Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I9807
60 Pol, J.  20 March 1890Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I477004
61 Posthuma, O.  27 September 1897Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I378188
62 Postuma, A.  19 June 1898Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I464173
63 Postuma, R.  13 April 1892Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I437842
64 Reuvers, A.C.  02 October 1892Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I9600
65 Reuvers, A.G.  25 November 1902Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I102800
66 Reuvers, B.J.  28 February 1894Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I102793
67 Reuvers, E.A.  25 August 1898Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I102798
68 Reuvers, J.H.  18 May 1889Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I102794
69 Reuvers, L.W.  04 February 1897Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I102797
70 Reuvers, M.H.  27 April 1891Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I102795
71 Reuvers, M.M.  17 April 1895Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I102796
72 Rijfkogel, M.H.J.  19 October 1900Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I766284
73 Roewen, M.C.  25 April 1896Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I192428
74 Roo, E.  26 August 1898Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I346621
75 Santing, A.  13 August 1899Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I349556
76 Santing, A.  11 April 1890Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I349550
77 Santing, J.  10 May 1898Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I349555
78 Santing, J.  31 January 1901Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I349557
79 Savenije, W.  28 January 1890Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I8930
80 Siebum, A.M.  28 February 1900Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I51600
81 Siebum, A.M.A.  10 December 1895Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I51662
82 Siebum, J.  21 December 1894Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I51663
83 Stegen, A.  22 October 1899Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I578823
84 Sülmann, A.A.  07 February 1890Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I134304
85 Sülmann, J.H.  19 February 1889Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I134303
86 Tabak, H.  17 December 1902Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I581218
87 Tieben, M.A.  24 January 1900Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I183013
88 Veldhuis, K.  25 March 1902Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I386597
89 Veldhuis, R.  1906Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I386598
90 Vondel, K.  16 May 1892Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I90630
91 Voss, M.G.  24 February 1902Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I731848
92 de Vries, G.  24 March 1893Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I563872
93 Vries, H.  07 February 1893Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I178447
94 Walda, A.  22 February 1885Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I362704
95 Walda, A.  11 February 1883Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I362703
96 Walda, H.B.  20 August 1887Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I362705
97 Walda, M.A.  27 December 1894Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I362708
98 Wehkamp, H.H.  16 January 1889Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I50070
99 Wehkamp, M.A.  08 October 1885Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I50053
100 Wehkamp, M.H.  19 March 1891Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I50069
101 Wesseling, E.M.  04 February 1901Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I536619
102 Wesseling, G.H.  09 December 1893Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I536633
103 Wesseling, J.H.  31 May 1898Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I536632


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Borgman, C.M.  22 December 1901Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I9596
2 Boxem, R.  27 September 1898Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I284202
3 Brunemeijer, J.  08 October 1902Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I364735
4 Dokter, A.  10 November 1895Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I237787
5 Eulen, H.  25 July 1894Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I785286
6 Falken, A.M.  19 January 1891Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I597835
7 Feringa, W.B.  28 January 1891Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I173712
8 de Haan, G.K.  25 March 1891Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I402941
9 Haverkort, H.  12 January 1895Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I9635
10 Heijnen, J.  19 March 1885Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I77459
11 Huisman, A.H.  31 January 1896Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I464820
12 Kaiser, M.T.E.  13 March 1886Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I175605
13 Kort, A.  17 December 1899Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I152443
14 Kroezen, J.  12 January 1900Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I175650
15 Mastenbroek, H.  17 February 1891Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I67617
16 Mensen, B.H.  24 January 1896Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I182893
17 Middendorp, J.B.  15 October 1901Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I175849
18 Oost, D.  27 March 1900Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I578445
19 Peters, J.W.  29 September 1894Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I175654
20 Savenije, P.E.  19 July 1895Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I3948
21 Siebum, J.  18 December 1890Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I52057
22 Siebum, J.  28 January 1895Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I51663
23 Vos, G.W.  07 April 1891Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I525070
24 Walda, S.  25 April 1902Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I364736
25 Wehkamp, A.A.  17 August 1902Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I9796
26 Wehkamp, H.T.  18 January 1884Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I50051


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Savenije, P.E.  19 July 1895Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe I3948


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Behrendt / Sibum  03 April 1929Barger-Oosterveen, Emmen, Drenthe F71245


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