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Joanna Drenth

Female 1779 - 1845  (65 years)

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(Notes: You may have to scroll down or right to see chart.)

Johanna Agnes Winter
Female 1861-1917
Petrus Drent
Male 1837-1892
Maria Tebina Winter
Female 1863-1909
Arnoldus Ferdinandus Henderiku Grol
Male 1867-1943
Johannes Henderikus Winter
Male 1899-Date unknown
Johannes Harmannes Winter
Male 1865-1941
Margareta Hinderika Jansen
Female 1862-1920
Tekla Smeeman
Female 1871-1932
Anna Maria Sibon
Female 1864-1949
Henderikus Gerardus Winter
Male 1866-Date unknown
Agnes Johanna Winter
Female 1868-1883
Johanna Jacoba Tibina Wortelboer
Female 1829-1886
Johannes Winter
Male 1829-1875
Jacoba Johanna Tibina Wortelboer
Female 1832-Date unknown
Tibina Wortelboer
Female 1835-Date unknown
Georgius Wilhelmus Brian
Male 1834-Date unknown
Gerhardus Henderikus Wortelboer
Male 1901-1985
Anna Katrina Rolfers
Female 1901-1987
New chart
Johannes Petrus Wortelboer
Male 1905-1906
Johannes Petrus Wortelboer
Male 1907-1962
Helena Elisabeth Rolfers
Female 1915-1997
Henderikus Wortelboer
Male 1868-1921
Lena Hoezen
Female 1868-1943
Maria Margaretha Wortelboer
Female 1896-Date unknown
Maria Tecla Wortelboer
Female 1898-Date unknown
Johan Wilhelm Petrus Bügel
Male 1901-Date unknown
Helena Maria Gerarda Wortelboer
Female 1901-Date unknown
Johan Frederik Schulte
Male 1899-Date unknown
Ferdinand Benedictus Wortelboer
Male 1903-1988
Teitje Behrendt
Female 1906-1993
New chart
Gerardus Henderikus Benedictus Wortelboer
Male 1905-1992
Johanna Bernhardina Bos
Female 1907-1987
Alida Anna Margaretha Wortelboer
Female 1908-Date unknown
Alfred Hieronymus Hicking
Male 1912-Date unknown
Hinderikus Gerhardus Wortelboer
Male 1910-2001
Anna Thecla Mencke
Female 1912-1953
New chart
New chart
Benedictus Gerardus Wortelboer
Male 1869-1942
Alida Westen
Female 1868-1917
Maria Margaretha Wortelboer
Female 1902-Date unknown
Frederikus Gerhardus Becker
Male 1903-Date unknown
Johannes Petrus Wortelboer
Male 1905-1987
Maria Tekla Herbers
Female 1919-1989
Anna Geziena Wortelboer
Female 1908-2005
Johannes Gerhardus Herbes
Male 1913-1998
Gerhardus Henderikus Wortelboer
Male 1912-1998
Bernardus Wortelboer
Male 1915-Date unknown
Gerardus Fredericus Wortelboer
Male 1871-1946
Anna Alida Hoezen
Female 1872-1960
Helena Gerarda Wortelboer
Female 1873-1884
Harmannus Henderikus Schulte
Male 1899-1987
Anna Wubke Schutte
Female 1898-1985
New chart
Gerhardus Hinderikus Schulte
Male 1902-1993
Maria Schlimback
Female 1902-1988
Maria Margaretha Wortelboer
Female 1875-1970
Bernard Heinrich Schulte
Male 1871-1941
Gerardus Bernardus Wortelboer
Male 1877-1884
Johanna Jacoba Wortelboer
Female 1879-1879
Wilhelmina Susanna Vroling
Female 1907-1987
Albertus Johannes Lulf
Male 1908-1984
Bernardus Hendericus Lubbers
Male 1922-1952
Benedictus Gerardus Vroling
Male 1921-1991
Gerarda Maria Wortelboer
Female 1880-1955
Wilhelm Alexander Vroling
Male 1878-1967
Johannes Gerardus Wortelboer
Male 1880-1880
Gerardus Wortelboer
Male 1837-1912
Maria Margaretha Benes
Female 1846-1880
Gerardus Bernardus Hendericus Wortelboer
Male 1840-1866
Johannes Hermannes Wortelboer
Male 1844-1860
Maria Wortelboer
Female 1874-Date unknown
Fredericus Wortelboer
Male 1852-1931
Helena Geerts
Female 1852-1879
Hendrikus Fredericus Wortelboer
Male 1881-1956
Marta Eaton Davis
Female 1876-Date unknown
Nina Maxime Wortelboer
Female 1914-1962
Henry Richard Wortelboer
Male 1918-1987
Virginia Lee Wortelboer
Female 1920-1920
Lotta Maude Mee
Female 1892-1993
Hendrika Wortelboer
Female 1883-Date unknown
Frederick Wortelboer
Male 1884-1884
Frederick Recus Wortelboer
Male 1885-1964
Sadie May Fox
Female 1889-1979
John Wortelboer
Male 1889-1974
James Joseph Wortelboer
Male 1891-1975
NN Wortelboer
William Wortelboer
Male 1895-1959
Anna Wortelboer
Female 1897-1903
Elizabeth Hoppe
Female 1855-1931
Hindrikus Geerts Wortelboer
Male 1803-1858
Maria Geerts Bakkers
Female 1806-1859
Hermannus Bernardus Wortelboer
Male 1861-1880
Bernardus Johannes Wortelboer
Male 1863-Date unknown
Theodorus Henderikus Johannes Valk
Male 1892-Date unknown
Maria Cecilia Elisabeth Valk
Female 1893-1905
Hermanus Henricus Valk
Male 1895-Date unknown
Cornelia Fleer
Female 1899-1956
Henricus Hermanus Valk
Male 1895-1896
Cecilia Hillegonda Catharina Valk
Female 1901-1958
Bernardus Harmannus Valk
Male 1906-Date unknown
Maria Mathilda Catriena Valk
Female 1906-Date unknown
Martha Johanna Wortelboer
Female 1867-1938
Johannes Harmannes Valk
Male 1867-1934
Maria Catharina Martha Boekhout
Female 1897-Date unknown
Hermannus Henderikus Schwarte
Male 1894-Date unknown
Catharina Joanna Maria Wortelboer
Female 1870-1944
Theodorus Marinus Boekhout
Male 1862-1943
Henderikus Bernardus Wortelboer
Male 1832-1871
Maria Johanna Schoenmaker
Female 1834-1920
Bernardus Gerrits Wortelboer
Male 1804-1833
Catharina Hendriks Nagel
Female 1804-1878
Joannes Wortelboer
Male 1806-1814
Marianna Bolsman
Female Approximately 1832-Date unknown
Johannes Cornelis Claassens
Male Approximately 1825-Date unknown
Gerrardus Harmannus Bolsman
Male Approximately 1837-1885
Bregitha Margaretha ten Berge
Female Approximately 1847-Date unknown
Johanna Geertruida Bolsman
Female Approximately 1840-Date unknown
Jakobus Hendrikus Brockbernd
Male 1844-Date unknown
Tibina Wortelboer
Female 1808-1869
Gerhard Henrich Bolsman
Male 1794-1875
Anna Alidis Boekhoudt
Female 1858-1940
Frederikus Eusebius Boekhoudt
Male 1863-1869
Johanna Catharina Cornelia Boekhoudt
Female 1866-1890
Johanna Alida Wortelboer
Female 1837-1914
Johannis Hinderikus Boekhoudt
Male 1823-1880
Wilhelmina Petronella Maria Engelina Wortelboer
Female 1914-2006
Engelina Hilbrandina Angela Maria Wortelboer
Female 1915-2004
Johanna Gerharda Maria Wortelboer
Female 1917-2005
Andreas Hendrikus Ciperianus Janssens
Male 1909-1984
Johannes Gerhardus Wortelboer
Male 1919-1988
New chart
Gerardus Antonius Frederikus Wortelboer
Male 1920-1987
Fredericus Gerhardus Wortelboer
Male 1875-1945
Anna Maria Houweling
Female 1885-1967
Josephus Johannes Bodewes
Male 1898-Date unknown
Johannes Josephus Harmannus Bodewes
Male 1899-1900
Johannes Josephus Harmannus Bodewes
Male 1900-1901
Johannes Josephus Harmannus Bodewes
Male 1902-1952
Martha Grada Catharina Wilkens
Female 1908-1991
New chart
Gezina Martha Bodewes
Female 1907-Date unknown
NN Bodewes
Engelina Hilbrandina Wortelboer
Female 1876-1930
Harmannus Theodorus Bodewes
Male 1871-1937
Engelina Catharina Jozephina Wortelboer
Female Approximately 1922-1922
Hilbrandus Gerhardus Josephus Wortelboer
Male 1924-2005
Hilbrandus Gerhardus Wortelboer
Male 1878-1934
Anna Henderika Verstockt
Female 1886-1973
Gerhardus Johannes Wortelboer
Male 1879-1880
Gerhardus Johannes Wortelboer
Male 1880-1950
Judocus Jan Wortelboer
Male 1883-1939
Edowina Maria Poelma
Female 1887-1938
Bernardus Harmannus Wortelboer
Male 1917-2005
Bernarda Harmanna Johanna Barkman
Female 1917-1955
Johannes Gerhardus Wortelboer
Male 1884-1949
Maria Elisabeth Steenhuis
Female 1890-1973
Angela Catharina Wortelboer
Female 1887-Date unknown
Gerardus Joannes Wilhelmus Middendorp
Male 1887-1952
Martha Aleida Wortelboer
Female 1890-1961
Sebastian Page
Male Approximately 1883-Date unknown
Johanna Alida Tobia Wortelboer
Female 1891-1957
Albertus Fredricus Houweling
Male Approximately 1887-Date unknown
Harmannes Jan Wortelboer
Male 1893-1964
Catharina Margaretha Boerma
Female 1899-1987
Eusebius Fredericus Wortelboer
Male 1894-Date unknown
Petrus Johannes Bos
Male 1923-1954
Catharina Jozefina Wortelboer
Female 1896-1991
Johannes Petrus Bos
Male 1894-Date unknown
Johannes Gerhardus Wortelboer
Male 1839-1924
Martha Kuiper
Female 1852-1923
Cornelis Johannes Wilhelmus Grol
Male 1873-1904
Helena Johanna Grol
Female 1875-1941
Frederikus Johannes Gerhardus Grol
Male 1879-1964
Johanna Maria Hillegonda Grol
Female 1880-1933
Alida Wilhelmina Johanna Grol
Female 1885-Date unknown
Johan Bodewes
Male 1883-Date unknown
Willem Johannes Grol
Male 1888-Date unknown
Elsiena de Jonge
Female 1891-Date unknown
Alida Wortelboer
Female 1841-1921
Willem Grol
Male 1841-1914
Gerhardus Johannes Wortelboer
Male 1843-1917
Johannes Henderikus Gerhardus Nagel
Male 1900-Date unknown
Engbertus Cornelius Nagel
Male 1901-Date unknown
Elizabeth Hinke Rinket
Female 1904-Date unknown
Frederikus Gerhardus Petrus Nagel
Male 1902-1976
Johanna Bernardina Maria Koop
Female 1902-1995
Cornelius Henderikus Nagel
Male 1904-1904
Cornelius Henderikus Nagel
Male 1908-Date unknown
Frederikus Gerhardus Nagel
Male 1872-1934
Johanna Helena Hillegondis Grol
Female 1872-1951
Tibina Wortelboer
Female 1845-1905
Johannes Hinderikus Gerhardus Nagel
Male 1842-1920
Harmannes Hendrikus Wortelboer
Male 1848-1850
Frederikus Hendrikus Wortelboer
Male 1850-1852
Engelina Maria Alidis Wortelboer
Female 1853-1853
Fredericus Wortelboer
Male 1810-1893
Engelina Jans Sandman
Female 1810-1853
Fredericus Georgius Wortelboer
Male 1885-1941
Maria Gezina Wösten
Female 1891-Date unknown
Georgius Fredericus Wortelboer
Male 1887-1967
Gezina Anna Nicola Feijen
Female 1892-Date unknown
Aleida Johanna Wortelboer
Female 1889-1960
Josephus Harmannus Steenhuis
Male 1888-1968
Johanna Aleida Helena Wortelboer
Female 1892-1908
Catharina Nicola Margaretha Wortelboer
Female 1894-1960
Anna Agatha Wortelboer
Female 1897-1965
Eusebius Wortelboer
Male 1856-1937
Catharina Niela Margaretha van der Werff
Female 1856-1932
Friedrich Gerhard Wortelboer
Male 1892-1918
Fredericus Bernardus Wortelboer
Male 1857-1928
Maria Helena Hempen
Female 1863-1893
Helene Wortelboer
Female 1895-1969
Anna Elisabeth Wortelboer
Female 1899-1948
Bernhard Heinrich Wobken
Male Date unknown-Date unknown
Anna Margaretha Robben
Female 1864-1918
Margaretha Anna Aleida Kubbinga
Female 1885-1910
Frederikus Gerhardus Kubbinga
Male 1887-Date unknown
Alijda Elizabeth Agatha Kubbinga
Female 1888-Date unknown
Gerhardus Johannes Wierdsma
Male 1896-Date unknown
Gregorius Johannes Kubbinga
Male 1891-Date unknown
Angela Anna Helena Remmers
Female 1893-Date unknown
Christina Margaretha Kubbinga
Female 1893-Date unknown
Anna Maria Wortelboer
Female 1859-1939
Hermannus Gregorius Hinderikus Kubbinga
Male 1857-1911
Joanna Bernadina Aleida Susanna van der Werff
Female 1899-Date unknown
Harm Hindrikus Geling
Male 1894-Date unknown
Agatha Thecla Wortelboer
Female 1862-1899
Ubertus van der Werff
Male 1853-1920
Alijda Elizabeth Boekhout
Female 1820-After 1898
Margaretha Elisabeth Helena Siemers
Female 1896-1974
Johannes Paulinus Van Beek
Male 1873-1947
Johannes Theodorus Josephus Siemers
Male 1898-1943
Clasine Anna Maria van den Brink
Female 1900-1980
New chart
Hermann Franz Wilhelm Siemers
Male 1899-1982
Alice Mary Keller
Female 1911-1998
New chart
Johann Wilhelm Siemers
Male 1900-1979
Petronella Dina Rigetti
Female 1897-1966
New chart
Magretha Alida Klara Siemers
Female 1902-1954
Sebastiaan Hogenbirk
Male 1898-1972
New chart
Hermanna Francisca Siemers
Female 1904-1904
Antonius Franciscus Siemers
Male 1907-1975
Martina Cornelia van der Veen
Female 1913-Date unknown
New chart
Margretha Alida Kromme
Female 1871-1908
Johann Wilhelm Siemers
Male 1857-1940
Bernardus Franciscus Nicolaas van Langen
Male 1897-Date unknown
Elisabetha Helena Emerentiana van Langen
Female 1899-1922
Emerentiana van Langen
Female 1900-1906
Elizabeth Alida van Langen
Female 1902-1917
Rolina Geertruida Maria van Langen
Female 1904-1916
Agatha Johanna Kromme
Female 1872-1909
Gerhard van Langen
Male 1854-1912
Herman Kromme
Male 1924-1992
Anna Maria Amsing
Female 1928-1998
New chart
Antonius Franciscus Kromme
Male 1874-1942
Elisabeth Klaver
Female 1883-1959
Johanne Jozephina Kromme
Female 1875-1883
Hermanna Francisca Kromme
Female 1877-1965
NN Kromme
Female 1915-1915
Elizabetha Hermanna Kromme
Female 1916-1995
Regnerus Gerardus Kromme
Male 1917-2001
New chart
Mechelina Anna Kromme
Female 1918-2007
Elizabetha Bouwina Kromme
Female 1919-2001
Fredericus Harmannes Durenkamp
Male 1914-1975
New chart
Hernan Frans Bonifatius Kromme
Male 1921-2012
New chart
Lies Cools
Female Date unknown-Date unknown
New chart
Hermanna Agatha Kromme
Female 1925-2014
New chart
Johannes Jozephus Kromme
Male 1878-Date unknown
Nicolouwda Maria Leber
Female 1881-1934
Helena Thecla Alida Kromme
Female 1880-1883
Elisabeth Helena Savenije
Female 1839-1905
Hermann Franz Kromme
Male 1842-1900
Gerardus Borst
Male Date unknown-Date unknown
Johannus Borst
Male Date unknown-Date unknown
Arnoldus Borst
Male Date unknown-Date unknown
Wilhelmina Borst
Female 1898-Date unknown
NN Borst
Female 1906-1906
Maria Agatha Savenije
Female 1871-1963
Petrus Borst
Male 1868-Date unknown
Gerhardus Bernardus Savenije
Male 1904-1992
Frederika Bernarda Maria Rodenberg
Female 1909-1993
New chart
Antonius Franciscus Johannes Savenije
Male 1906-1990
Adriana Johanna Maria Wilhelm
Female 1905-1998
New chart
Wilhelmina Johanna Savenije
Female 1908-Date unknown
Alouisius van Harten
Male 1907-1982
Marianne Savenije
Female 1910-1963
Joseph Heck
Male 1906-1968
New chart
Johannes Josephus Gerhardus Savenije
Male 1912-1962
Anna Elisabeth Juliana Hanekamp
Female 1914-2000
New chart
Bernardus Antonius Savenije
Male 1916-2003
Maria Theresia Janssen
Female 1928-2007
New chart
Henricus Joannes Dominicus Gerhardus Savenije
Male 1918-1997
Franciscus Gerardus Savenije
Male 1922-1995
New chart
Johannes Josephus Savenije
Male 1872-1946
Theresia Maria Schmidt
Female 1879-1965
Gerardus Bernardus Savenije
Male 1874-1874
Pieter Savenije
Male Date unknown-Date unknown
Johannes Savenije
Male Date unknown-1917
Wilhelmina Johanna Savenije
Female 1901-1967
Servais Adams
Male 1874-Date unknown
New chart
Helena Maria Savenije
Female 1903-1978
Jan Klijnstra
Male 1894-1957
New chart
Gerardus Bernardus Savenije
Male 1904-1955
Maria Koeling
Female 1906-Date unknown
New chart
Harm Hendrik Savenije
Male 1906-1983
Harmke van Dijken
Female 1907-1982
New chart
Maria Agatha Savenije
Female 1906-1995
Christiaan van der Vecht
Male 1888-1960
New chart
Eefke Alberta Maria Savenije
Female 1908-1995
W Warneke
Male Date unknown-Date unknown
New chart
Theresia Johanna Savenije
Female 1912-2006
Johannes Bernardus Meijer
Male 1899-1973
New chart
Alberta H Savenije
Female 1921-1973
Joannes Georgius Cornelis Kerstholt
Male 1916-1971
New chart
Joannes Hermannus Savenije
Male 1875-1957
Janna Kiewiet
Female 1875-1925
Euphemia Joanna Fokkelman
Female 1883-After 1957
Wilhelmina Johanna Tecla Savenije
Female 1901-1986
Johannes Timotius Hilhorst
Male 1900-1989
New chart
Hermannus Johannes Gerardus Savenije
Male 1902-1921
Maria Helena Savenije
Female 1905-2007
Johannes Jacobus van Diest
Male 1900-1960
New chart
NN Savenije
Male 1908-1908
Gerardus Bernardus Savenije
Male 1909-1971
Alida Maria Bakkum
Female 1906-1986
New chart
Johannes Bernardus Abel Savenije
Male 1912-1982
New chart
Johannes Josephus Savenije
Male 1915-1996
Maria Gijsberta Hermanna de Jong
Female 1920-2014
New chart
Hermanna Maria Savenije
Female 1922-2011
Bartholomeus Maria Post
Male 1920-1981
New chart
Henricus Johannes Dominicus Gerhardus Savenije
Male 1877-1953
Maria Hermanna Heijen
Female 1877-1967
NN Perk
Female 1905-1905
Gerhardus Bernardus Perk
Male 1910-1910
Agatha Elizabeth Perk
Male 1914-Date unknown
Maria Agatha Perk
Female 1916-1917
Agatha Elizabeth Savenije
Female 1878-1958
Hermanus Gerrardus Perk
Male 1874-1952
Gesina Elizabeth Savenije
Female 1879-1880
Lambertus Anastasius Gerardus Savenije
Male 1881-1882
Gerhardus Bernardus Savenije
Male 1842-1937
Wilhelmina Johanna Schildkamp
Female 1847-1882
Helena Thecla Wortelboer
Female 1900-Date unknown
Johannes Albertus Hendrikus Wortelboer
Male 1902-1962
Theodora Elisabeth Kneppers
Female 1886-1956
Wilco Henricus Wortelboer
Male 1903-1977
Dominicus Maria Wortelboer
Male 1906-2000
Johannes Josephus Gerardus Wortelboer
Male 1908-1976
Petronella Geertruida Maria Wortelboer
Female 1911-Date unknown
Johannes Antonius Cornelus Buffing
Male 1915-Date unknown
Gerhardus Johannes Wortelboer
Male 1916-1990
Francisca Gerarda Veraar
Female 1917-1984
Tobina Agatha Wortelboer
Female 1922-1995
Gerhardus Johannes Wortelboer
Male 1875-1940
Petronella Geertruida Maria Glansbeek
Female 1876-1953
Helena Tecla Wortelboer
Female 1906-1995
Hillegonda Tobina Wortelboer
Female 1907-1907
Hillegonda Tobina Wortelboer
Female 1910-2004
Jan Jans Middel
Male 1910-1971
Wilco Henrikus Jacobus Wortelboer
Male 1911-1984
Jacobus Johannes Wilco Wortelboer
Male 1912-1982
Gerhardus Johannes Wortelboer
Male 1914-1987
Alberta Mein
Female 1907-1991
Johan Jacobus Wortelboer
Male 1916-1994
Hindrik Niekamp
Male Date unknown-Date unknown
Franciscus van Gelder
Male 1916-Date unknown
Johannes Gerardus Jozephus Wortelboer
Male 1921-1999
Johannes Gerhardus Josephus Wortelboer
Male 1877-1955
Jantje Scheper
Female 1881-1975
Johannes Henderikus Wortelboer
Male 1879-1950
Helena Hendrika Jozephina Wortelboer
Female 1909-Date unknown
Nicolaas Leo Silvius
Male 1912-1991
Regina Maria Wortelboer
Female 1911-1938
Wilco Henricus Wortelboer
Male 1913-Date unknown
Fockelina Catharina Maria Wortelboer
Female 1915-Date unknown
Gregorius Johannes Kroon
Male 1915-Date unknown
Johannes Bernardus Wortelboer
Male 1920-1965
Gerhardus Bernardus Wortelboer
Male 1881-1941
Margaretha Maria Ceciliana Wachters
Female 1887-1964
Hermannus Wilco Wortelboer
Male 1920-1998
Helena Johanna Maria Wortelboer
Female 1922-2000
Johanna Tobina Maria Wortelboer
Female 1925-2004
Tobina Agatha Wortelboer
Female 1883-1927
Carel Willem Wortelboer
Male 1879-1952
Egidius Johannes Petrus Wortelboer
Male 1886-1961
Helena Thecla Anthonia Wortelboer
Female 1917-1989
Wilfridus Henrikus Gregorius Wortelboer
Male 1888-1969
Johanna Bernardina Lindeman
Female 1894-1975
Helena Thecla Savenije
Female 1845-1913
Wilco Henricus Wortelboer
Male 1843-1921
Henricus Dominicus Gregorius Savenije
Male 1847-1852
Johannes Theodorus Josephus Siemers
Male 1890-1894
Johanna Maria Savenije
Female 1850-1894
Johann Wilhelm Siemers
Male 1857-1940
Anna Margaretha Maria Anthonia Savenije
Female 1909-2009
Hermannus Alouisius van den Berg
Male 1908-1982
Reinhold Gerhard Maria Savenije
Male 1910-1933
Hendrikus Johannus Josephus Savenije
Male 1912-1980
Martha Antonia Gertruda Drent
Female 1912-2001
New chart
Bernardus Michaël Maria Savenije
Male 1913-2011
Elisabeth Cornelia Eisenga
Female 1914-2014
New chart
Annie Jantje de Bruin
Female 1916-1984
New chart
Margeretha Johanna Josepha Savenije
Female 1915-1990
Béla Medgyesi
Male 1906-Date unknown
Theodoor Marinus Savenije
Male 1919-1993
Geertje Boekholt
Female 1922-1987
New chart
Joannes Josephus Maria Savenije
Male 1879-1924
Engelina Helena Margarethe Lammers
Female 1880-1937
Anna Hermanna Savenije
Female 1912-1974
Hubertus Theodorus Josephus Go Randag
Male 1911-1954
Ernst Arnost Zimmer
Male 1906-1987
Johanna Maria Constantina Savenije
Female 1913-1959
Antonius Johannes Bernardus Janus
Male 1912-1985
Johannes Theodorus Marinus Savenije
Male 1881-1913
Henderika Elisabeth Maria Schattenberg
Female 1882-1948
Johanna Henrica Maria Savenije
Female 1882-1884
Johanna Agatha Maria Savenije
Female 1885-1944
Agatha Helena Maria Savenije
Female 1887-1940
Harmanna Alida Maria Savenije
Female 1889-1975
P Klaus
Male Date unknown-Date unknown
Catharina Anna Savenije
Female 1940-2011
New chart
New chart
Gerardus Bernardus Marianus Savenije
Male 1890-1972
Catharina Blanc
Female 1911-1995
Gerhardus Johannes Marinus Savenije
Male 1894-1945