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Hindrikje Harms

Female 1732 - Date unknown

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Grietjen Reinders
Female 1758-Date unknown
Geert Albers Hoving
Male 1808-1884
Lammegien Albers Hulshof
Female 1812-1881
New chart
Lutgertien Albers Hoving
Female 1811-1892
Albert Jochems van der Laan
Male 1808-1890
New chart
Harm Alberts Hoving
Male 1812-1863
Aaltje Harms Pieters
Female 1811-1879
New chart
Aaltien Harms Rossing
Female 1785-1833
Albert Geerts Hoving
Male 1775-1851
Lutgertje Reinders
Female 1760-1813
Harm Jans Rossing
Male 1762-1846
Harmtje Engberts
Female 1764-Date unknown
Hendrikje Paas
Female 1791-1793
Annechien Huizingh
Female 1821-1905
Froukje Huizingh
Female 1823-1903
Jacob Hoiting
Male 1827-1905
New chart
Aaltje Huizing
Female 1825-1899
Jan Poelman
Male 1815-1886
New chart
Jantje Huizingh
Female 1828-1831
Hendrikje Huizingh
Female 1828-1898
Wijbe Boer
Male 1823-Date unknown
Hendrikien Hendriks Paas
Female 1793-1828
Lambert Huizingh
Male 1791-1858
Geert Hilbrands
Male 1815-1855
Mina Hosting
Female Date unknown-Date unknown
Hindrik Hilbrands
Male 1818-1848
Froukien Hilbrands
Female 1829-1873
Egbert Trip
Male 1827-1908
Trientien Hilbrands
Female 1833-1906
Jan Kuper
Male 1830-1883
Hindrikus Hilbrands
Male 1838-1839
Rika Hindriks Paas
Female 1794-1853
Jan Hilbrands
Male 1788-1868
Altien Goedkoop
Female 1820-1905
Hendrik Goedkoop
Male 1823-1871
Aaltien Folkers
Female 1817-Date unknown
New chart
Frouwchien Goedkoop
Female 1826-1895
Jan Kremer
Male 1822-1863
New chart
Albert Lanting
Male 1831-1904
New chart
Geert Goedkoop
Male 1829-1829
Geertien Goedkoop
Female 1831-1907
Geert Warries
Male 1834-1892
Harm Goedkoop
Male 1835-1835
Harm Goedkoop
Male 1837-1903
Diena Oosting
Female 1836-1876
New chart
Hinderkien Dekker
Female 1843-1887
Grietje Venema
Female 1850-1918
New chart
Trientien Hendriks Paas
Female 1796-1874
Hendrik Goedkoop
Male 1795-1870
Hindrik Strating
Male 1826-1881
Hillechien Dilling
Female 1825-1879
New chart
Vroukien Strating
Female 1830-1857
Roelfien Strating
Female 1834-1915
Henderikus Strating
Male 1838-1910
Roelfien Hindriks Paas
Female 1799-1857
Hindrik Hindriks Strating
Male 1780-1853
Hindrik Hindriks Paas
Male 1802-1805
Hindrik Paas
Male 1831-1923
Geesien Trip
Female 1838-1906
New chart
Fennechien Paas
Female 1833-1903
Hendrik Fransens
Male 1824-1901
New chart
Hinderikus Paas
Male 1835-1837
Froukje Paas
Female 1837-1877
Albert Hoving
Male 1838-1925
New chart
Hinderkien Paas
Female 1840-1915
Albert Kruize
Male 1834-1910
New chart
Hinderikus Paas
Male 1842-1923
Lammechien de Jonge
Female 1841-1928
New chart
Jan Paas
Male 1845-1916
Hinderkien Martens
Female 1848-1901
Klaas Paas
Male 1847-1929
Geesien Marissen
Female 1849-1893
New chart
Jantien Wever
Female 1877-1952
Willem Paas
Male 1850-1923
Roelfien Kroeze
Female 1857-1929
New chart
Hindrik Hindriks Paas
Male 1805-1887
Geertruid Theuws
Female 1806-1880
Hindrik Kruit
Male 1834-1860
Marrechien Kruit
Female 1836-1869
Geert Huizing
Male 1827-1901
New chart
Hinderkien Kruit
Female 1839-1910
Lucas Schuiling
Male 1836-Date unknown
Hinderikus Kruit
Male 1841-1912
Aaltien Nijkeuter
Female Approximately 1851-Date unknown
Jantje Heuker
Female Approximately 1856-Date unknown
Geesien Kruit
Female 1843-1844
Geessien Kruit
Female 1845-1880
Evert Schutten
Male 1842-1917
New chart
Froukien Kruit
Female 1848-1875
Geertruid Kruit
Female 1850-1880
Derk Hekman
Male 1846-1922
New chart
Wilmtje Kruit
Female 1853-1932
Derk Hekman
Male 1846-1922
Jannes Kruit
Male 1856-1908
Aaltien Hingstman
Female 1855-1937
New chart
Grietien Paas
Female 1810-1886
Lucas Kruit
Male 1803-1870
Albert Witting
Male 1835-1848
Aaldert Witting
Male 1837-1918
Janna Leggedoor
Female 1844-1882
New chart
Frouwkien Witting
Female 1839-1841
Frouwkien Witting
Female 1842-1848
Annegien Witting
Female 1845-1848
Willemtje Hindriks Paas
Female 1813-1881
Jan Witting
Male 1805-1846
Jan Trip
Male 1850-1916
Annechien Pruisscher
Female 1854-1893
New chart
Jan Trip
Male 1800-1875
Froukien Reinders
Female 1768-1853
Hindrik Hindriks Paas
Male 1758-1838
New chart
Hindrikje Harms
Female 1732-Date unknown
Reinder Egberts
Male Estimated in 1721-Date unknown


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