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Roelfje Willems Haan

Female 1766 - 1858  (92 years)

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(Notes: You may have to scroll down or right to see chart.)

Wubbe Aeissing
Male 1846-Date unknown
Hilvert Aeissing
Male 1849-1926
Hillechien Smid
Female 1848-1935
New chart
Geertje Aeising
Female 1852-Date unknown
Rikste Aeising
Female 1855-Date unknown
Geert Smid
Male 1852-1930
New chart
Janna Aeising
Female 1858-Date unknown
Jan Aeising
Male 1861-Date unknown
Christina Hilverts Hoiting
Female 1817-1887
Hindrik Wubbes Aeissing
Male 1811-1877
Willem Lich
Male 1855-Date unknown
Henderika Wibbinus Lich
Female Approximately 1859-1859
Henderika Lich
Female Approximately 1861-1862
Johannes Lich
Male 1863-Date unknown
Eilina Hommes
Female 1866-Date unknown
New chart
Jan Hendrik Lich
Male 1867-1872
NN Lich
Male 1874-1874
Bettien Hoiting
Female 1827-1912
Wibbinus Lich
Male 1827-1908
Hilvert Jans Hoiting
Male 1790-Date unknown
Rikste Berends Waarsing
Female 1788-1838
Jan Huiting
Male 1859-Date unknown
Willemtien Huiting
Female 1869-1933
Jacob Boels
Male 1857-1911
New chart
Jan Hoiting
Male 1823-1900
Jantien Boelen
Female 1833-1899
Willem Jans Hoiting
Male 1796-1829
Dedde Harms Meendering
Female 1792-1828
Roelfijn Jans Hoiting
Female 1799-Date unknown
Harm Hindriks Nieks
Male 1785-Date unknown
Hindrik Nijkes
Male 1864-1927
Janna Boskers
Female 1881-1963
New chart
Jan Hindriks Nijkes
Male 1827-Date unknown
Harmke Volders
Female 1839-Date unknown
Antonie Eendvogel
Male 1861-1861
Antonie Eendvogel
Male 1862-1862
Antonie Eendvogel
Male 1863-1888
Oktje Eendvogel
Female 1867-After 1917
Remko Bos
Male 1866-1939
New chart
Hendrik Eendvogel
Male 1871-1950
Marchina Wei
Female 1872-After 1921
New chart
Jantien Hindriks Nieks
Female 1833-1874
Jan Antonis Eendvogel
Male 1824-1891
Hebel Jans Hoiting
Female 1801-1858
Hindrik Freerks Nijkes
Male 1795-1846
Wendellina Huiting
Female 1829-1833
Janna Huiting
Female 1859-Date unknown
Hendrik Moorlag
Male 1858-Date unknown
New chart
Hillechien Huiting
Female 1862-Date unknown
Jan Rendering
Male 1853-Date unknown
Harm Huiting
Male 1865-Date unknown
Jan Huiting
Male 1869-1925
Trientje Lutke
Female 1879-1938
New chart
Antiena Willemina Huiting
Female 1873-Date unknown
Wessel Meendering
Male Approximately 1866-Date unknown
Willem Huiting
Male 1832-1895
Antje de Vries
Female 1832-1899
Hillechien Huiting
Female 1869-1963
Roelf Huiges
Male 1873-1952
Wupke Huiting
Female 1871-1947
Jan Bouwe Huiting
Male 1869-1942
New chart
Albert Lute Huiting
Male 1873-1897
Trijntje Mansens
Female 1874-1956
Lute Huiting
Male 1834-Date unknown
Jantje Meemes Luth
Female Approximately 1841-Date unknown
Wendelina Huiting
Female 1836-1850
Aiko Timmer
Male 1869-Date unknown
Hilchien Timmer
Female 1871-Date unknown
Roelfien Huiting
Female 1838-1886
Harm Aikes Timmer
Male 1808-1872
Harm Kuipers
Male 1835-Date unknown
Albert Huiting
Male 1875-1921
Trientje Johannes
Female 1885-Date unknown
New chart
Grietje Huiting
Female 1877-1947
Harm Hofkamp
Male 1878-1940
Hindrik Huiting
Male 1880-Date unknown
Leentje Staal
Female 1883-1911
New chart
Jan Brouwe Huiting
Male 1884-1885
Hillechien Huiting
Female 1886-Date unknown
Pieter Mieras
Male 1878-Date unknown
Jantina Alberdina Huiting
Female 1889-Date unknown
Roelf Huiting
Male 1892-1962
Martje Boekholt
Female 1892-1974
Wendelina Alkina Huiting
Female 1897-Date unknown
Klaas Bult
Male 1899-Date unknown
Jan Huiting
Male 1840-1927
Fenniggien Hofkamp
Female 1850-1919
Jan Brouwerus Huiting
Male 1841-Date unknown
Jan Bouwe Huiting
Male 1869-1942
Wupke Huiting
Female 1871-1947
New chart
Albert R. Huiting
Male 1873-1930
Anna Margaret Pecks
Female Date unknown-Date unknown
Roelf Hoiting
Male 1876-1966
Josephine White
Female 1879-1957
New chart
Hilvert Huiting
Male 1878-1945
Pietje Vos
Female 1885-Date unknown
New chart
Evert Huiting
Male 1881-1882
Geertruida Huiting
Female 1883-1959
Ente Landegge
Male 1885-1951
New chart
Evertje Huiting
Female 1887-1969
Jan Volders
Male 1886-1979
New chart
Roelf Huiting
Male 1844-1911
Grietje Drenth
Female 1847-1904
Hillegien Meijer
Female 1878-1932
Harm Timmer
Male 1873-1923
Anna Huiting
Female 1846-1929
Derk Meijer
Male 1846-1923
Berendina Huiting
Female 1879-1966
Jan Wakker
Male About 1872-1954
New chart
Berent Huiting
Male About 1883-Date unknown
Geesje Tolhuis
Female About 1886-Date unknown
Hillechien Huiting
Female About 1886-Date unknown
Albert Timmer
Male 1882-Date unknown
Harm Huiting
Male 1850-Date unknown
Willemtien Nijmeijer
Female 1849-Date unknown
Wendelina Hoiting
Female 1852-Date unknown
Albert Jans Hoiting
Male 1804-Date unknown
Hillegien Luitjes Huls
Female 1809-1855
NN Huiting
Female 1807-1807
Jan Jans Huiting
Male 1843-1843
Jan Huiting
Male 1872-1917
Hinderika Drenth
Female 1872-Date unknown
New chart
Mina Huiting
Female 1876-1953
Lammert Huizing
Male 1869-1926
New chart
Jan Huiting
Male 1844-1922
Anna Meendering
Female 1852-1879
Mina Arnoldus
Female 1872-Date unknown
Berend Lutter
Male 1869-1925
New chart
Willem Arnoldus
Male 1874-1919
Anna Arnoldus
Female 1872-Date unknown
New chart
Jan Arnoldus
Male 1877-1941
Elisabeth Gebina Ludden
Female 1875-Date unknown
New chart
Anna Arnoldus
Female 1879-Date unknown
Harm Vloo
Male 1868-1915
New chart
Jantje Arnoldus
Female 1881-1905
Jan Strockmeijer
Male 1875-1933
New chart
Hendrik Arnoldus
Male 1884-Date unknown
Jantje Huiting
Female 1879-1943
New chart
Ernestus Harm Arnoldus
Male 1886-1952
Zwaantien Hofkamp
Female 1887-1933
New chart
Dedde Klaar
Female 1893-1976
Janna Arnoldus
Female 1889-1895
Wupke Huiting
Female 1847-1935
Hindrik Arnoldus
Male 1844-1931
Jan Potze
Male 1869-1949
Grietje Wijnholts
Female 1878-1958
New chart
Mina Potze
Female 1872-1952
Jacobus Niemeijer
Male 1867-1922
New chart
Hinderikus Potze
Male 1876-1954
Trientje Wijbeling
Female 1885-1927
New chart
Roelfien Huiting
Female Approximately 1848-1925
Reint Jans Potze
Male 1845-1916
Jan Lutke
Male 1871-Date unknown
Mina Lutke
Female 1874-Date unknown
Jurrien Wilts
Male 1869-Date unknown
New chart
Jan Lutke
Male 1876-1942
Hindertje Wiegers
Female 1865-1961
New chart
Trientje Lutke
Female 1879-1938
Jan Huiting
Male 1869-1925
New chart
Boele Lutke
Male 1882-Date unknown
Klaassie Struik
Female 1882-1910
Jentje Steging
Female 1880-Date unknown
Ernestus Lutke
Male 1885-About 1942
Trientje Sassen
Female 1888-Date unknown
New chart
Nessina Huiting
Female 1851-1913
Willem Lutke
Male 1847-1887
Elzo Fennema
Male 1844-1925
Alke Huiting
Female 1854-1854
Harmke Huiting
Female About 1855-1916
Hindrik Wiegers
Male About 1841-Date unknown
Jantje Huiting
Female 1879-1943
Hendrik Arnoldus
Male 1884-Date unknown
New chart
Mina Huiting
Female 1883-1887
Harmina Geertruida Huiting
Female 1890-1916
Geertruida Huiting
Female 1860-1961
Geert Smilde
Male 1871-1953
Jan Jans Huiting
Male 1808-Date unknown
Mina Ernestus Trenning
Female 1820-1899
Geertruid Jans Huiting
Female 1811-Date unknown
New chart
Roelfje Willems Haan
Female 1766-1858
Jan Hilverts Hoijting
Male 1767-Date unknown


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