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Graaf in de Vinzgau
Count in the Vinzgau Gerold I von Vinzgau

Male About 725 - 799

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(Notes: You may have to scroll down or right to see chart.)

Graaf In Lahngau Gebhard van Lahngau
Male Date unknown-After 879
New chart
Ermentrude van Orléans
Female 830-869
Keizer Karel II van West Francië
Male 823-877
New chart
Graaf Odo I van Orléans
Male About 780-About 850
Ingeltrud van Fezensac
Female About 790-About 850
Graaf Eudes van Troyes
Male Date unknown-After 869
Wandelmode van Worms
Female Date unknown-Date unknown
New chart
NN van Wormsgau
Female About 782-Date unknown
Graaf Guiguin van Soissons
Male About 776-After 843
Guntram Im Wormsgau
Male About 805-After 841
Ottrud NN
Female Date unknown-After 841
Rutpert IV. (Robert I.) von Paris
Male 807-866
Agane NN
Female Date unknown-
Adelheid de Bourgogne
Female About 839-After 866
New chart
NN Im Wormsgau
Female About 809-
Megingoz I. Im Wormsgau
Male About 805-After 876
Oda Im Wormsgau
Female About 810-
Werner II. Vom Lobdengau
Male About 805-After 847
New chart
Eudo von Wormsgau
Male About 812-871
Wandilmodis de Troyes
Female Date unknown-Date unknown
New chart
Markgraaf Rupert IV du Robertiens
Male 815-868
Adelaide du Tours
Female 819-866
New chart
Agana van Morvois
Female About 835-861
Waldrada van Orleans
Female 790-After 833
Graaf In Wormsgau Rupert III van Wormsgau
Male About 775-834
Graaf In Wormsgau Adrien d' Orléans
Male 755-821
Waldrat der Vidonen
Female About 760-About 825
Pepijn der Franken
Male About 770-810
Koning Karel der Franken
Male About 772-811
Lothar von Franken
Male 778-779/80
Senegunde von Italië
Female About 796-
Fulgwald von Rouerge
Male About 790-After 837
New chart
Adelheid von Italië
Female 798-After 810
Athela von Italië
Female 798-After 810
Gundrada von Italië
Female About 800-After 810
Berthaid von Italië
Female About 802-After 810
Theodrada von Italië
Female About 805-After 810
Pippin I. von Italië
Male 777-810
Female Date unknown-Before 810
Koning Bernhard der Karolingen
Male About 797-818
Kunigunde van Gellone
Female Before 795-818
New chart
Kunigunde de Toulouse
Female About 800-After 835
New chart
Theodorate van Italië
Female 800-836
Lambert II de Nantes
Male 795-852
New chart
Koning Karloman Pippijn der Franken
Male 773-810
Berta de Toulouse
Female 777-Date unknown
Karl von Franken
Male 772/773-811
Graaf Roricon II van Maine
Male Date unknown-858
Bilichilde NN
Female Date unknown-Date unknown
New chart
Chrotrud van Franken
Female 775-810
Graaf Roricon I van Maine
Male About 770-839
Bertrada der Franken
Female About 775-825
Adelheid von Franken
Female 773/774-774
Rotrud von Franken
Female 775-810
Konstantin VI. of Byzantium
Male 771-797
Rotrude von Maine
Female About 805-860
Robert von Cahors
Male About 808-856/59
Adaltrud von Maine
Female About 802-
Gerhard von Auvergne
Male About 790-841
New chart
Ludwig von Maine
Male About 800-9 Jan967
Rorico I. von Maine
Male About 775-840
Ludwig II. von Franken
Male About 806-876
Hemma von Altorf
Female About 808-876
New chart
Frankische Keizer
Frankish Emperor Karel II van de Westfranken

Male 795-855
Irmingard van Tours
Female About 794-851
New chart
Keizer Lotharius I van het Heilge Roomse Rijk
Male 795-855
Ermengarde van Tours
Female About 800-851
Lothar I. von Italië
Male 795-855
Irmgard von Tours
Female About 804-851
New chart
Doda NN
Female Date unknown-After 855
New chart
Koning Pepin d' Aquitaine
Male About 797-838
Gravin Ingeltrud van Madrie
Female Date unknown-After 838
New chart
Rotrud von Franken
Female About 802-
Koning Ludwig van Oost
Male 805-875
Engelberge van den Elzas
Female Before 830-890
Emma van Altdorp
Female About 798-876
New chart
Pippin von Franken
Male About 797-838
Ringard von Mandrie
Female About 805-
Hildegard von Franken
Female About 803-After 860
Rather von Limoges
Male About 800-842
Koning Lodewijk I van de Franken
Male 778-840
Koningin Irmgard von Haspengouw
Female About 780-818
Gisela van Francie
Female 819-After 874
Markgraaf Van Barcelona
Earl Marcher Of Barce Eberhard van Friuli

Male About 815-866
New chart
Keizer Karel II van West Francië
Male 823-877
Ermentrude van Orléans
Female 830-869
New chart
Richildis von Metz
Female About 847-911
New chart
Ermentrud von Orleans
Female About 828-869
New chart
Koningin Judith Welf
Female About 800-843
Alpais von Franken
Female About 794-After 852
Bego von Paris
Male About 758-816
New chart
Arnulf von Franken
Male About 794-After 841
Female Date unknown-
Lotharius der Franken
Male 778-779
Arsinde von Ponthieu
Female About 801-
Remigius von Reims
Male Date unknown-
New chart
Nithard NN
Male About 796-845
Erchenfrida NN
Female Date unknown-Before 860
Hartnit NN
Male About 798-About 850
Ingelbert NN
Male About 800-After 822
Bertha von Ponthieu
Female About 795-Before 859
Heligaud I. von Montreuil
Male About 790-866
New chart
Bertha von Franken
Female 779-After 823
Angilbert NN
Male About 753-814
Gisela der Franken
Female 781-808
Gisela von Franken
Female 781-After 814
Richwin von Padua
Male About 765-After 814
Hildegard von Franken
Female 783-783
Gravin Hildegard de Vinzgau
Female About 757-783
Emperor Karel der Franken

Male 747-814
Ulrich III. Im Argengau
Male About 820-After 885
Bertha NN
Female Date unknown-After 886
New chart
Gerold IV. Im Thurgau
Male About 822-After 868
Ulrich II. Im Argengau
Male About 785-After 818
Adalbert I. Im Thurgau
Male About 800-After 838
Female Date unknown-
New chart
Hunfried II. von Rhätia
Male About 802-After 846
Hitta Im Argengau
Female About 783-
Hunfrid I. von Rhätia
Male About 770-After 808
Rodbert Im Argengau
Male Date unknown-After 815
Bebo Im Argengau
Male Date unknown-After 803
Gerold III. Im Argengau
Male Date unknown-After 832
Erih Im Argengau
Male Date unknown-
Ulrich I. Im Argengau
Male About 756-After 808
Odo von Orleans
Male About 803-834
Ingeltrud de Fézensac
Female About 805-
New chart
Wilhelm von Orleans
Male About 805-834
Eugenia von Orleans
Female About 800-After 808
Eribo von Orleans
Male About 774-After 808
NN de Toulouse
Female About 782-
Gerold II. Vom Vinzgau
Male About 755-799
Gisela von Franken
Female 757-810
Roadbert von Vinzgau
Male About 760-
Uto von Vinzgau
Male About 763-Before 803
Megingoz von Vinzgau
Male About 764-After 808
New chart
Graaf in de Vinzgau
Count in the Vinzgau Gerold I von Vinzgau

Male About 725-799
Imma van Alemannen
Female 736-798


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