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Geertruid Jans Molanus

Female 1738 - 1808  (70 years)

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(Notes: You may have to scroll down or right to see chart.)

Child Heijes
Male 1808-Date unknown
NN Heijes
1809-Date unknown
Jacobus Heijes
Male 1810-Date unknown
Heije Jacobs Christiaans
Male 1785-1867
Grietijn Jans
Female 1779-1863
Jan Christiaans
Male 1817-1890
Jakob Christiaans
Male 1819-1821
Hadewich Christiaans
Female 1822-Date unknown
Jakob Christiaans
Male 1824-1881
Anna Borgers
Female 1817-1886
New chart
Lambert Christiaans
Male 1834-1866
Geert Jacobs Christiaans
Male 1789-1857
Hindertijn Jans Borgerts
Female 1790-1863
Jantijn Christiaans
Female 1791-Date unknown
Albert Christiaans
Male 1835-1859
Wubke Christiaans
Female 1838-1896
Geert Harms Buirs
Male 1834-1903
New chart
Jakob Christiaans
Male 1842-1843
Jan Christiaans
Male 1795-1853
Willemtien Kuipers
Female 1814-1842
Hadewieg Heijes Wubs
Female 1758-1806
Jacob Christiaans Boomekamp
Male 1756-1813
Jan Heijes Wubs
Male 1760-1839
Gepke Heijes Wubbes Horlinges
Female 1768-Date unknown
Anna Steffens Kiel
Female 1811-1900
Siepko Cornelis Molema
Male 1813-1893
New chart
Harmannus Kiel
Male 1813-Date unknown
Jan Kijl
Male 1815-Date unknown
Lammigje Kiel
Female 1818-Date unknown
Harmina Kiel
Female 1821-Date unknown
Ebel Schrage
Male 1828-Date unknown
New chart
Harm Kiel
Male 1823-1904
Hayo Kiel
Male 1826-Date unknown
Jantje Bakker
Female 1827-Date unknown
New chart
Hinderika Kiel
Female 1830-1925
Klaas Braam
Male 1827-1894
Aaltje Kiel
Female 1834-Date unknown
Hillechien Jans Molanus
Female 1792-1882
Steffen Harms Kiel
Male 1785-1869
Jan Haijes Molanus
Male 1763-1843
Anna Egberts Bruining
Female 1765-Date unknown
Geertruida Wubs Molanus
Female 1799-Date unknown
Trientien Jans
Female 1779-Date unknown
Aaltje Friederks Meezen
Female 1827-1830
Hindrik Meezen
Male 1830-1872
Ida Meezen
Female 1826-1855
New chart
Geessien Westinga
Female 1830-1899
New chart
Jan Friederiks Meezen
Male 1832-1834
Hindrik Daniels Meezen
Male 1833-1835
Aaltje Meezen
Female 1835-Date unknown
Jan Meezen
Male 1837-1859
Fijke Meezen
Female 1839-1871
Berend Seip
Male 1841-1926
Geertruida Jans Molanus
Female 1800-1841
Friderik Hendriks Meezen
Male 1801-1853
Jan Hayes Molanus
Male 1836-1903
Augustina Ayoldina Atzema
Female 1840-1920
New chart
Aaltje Molanus
Female 1843-1926
Hindrik Beertema
Male 1854-1939
New chart
Haijo Jans Molanus
Male 1807-Date unknown
Grietje Jans Knip
Female 1805-Date unknown
Pieter Jans Molanus
Male 1810-Date unknown
Trijntje Christiaans Philips
Female 1812-1881
Jan de Boer
Male 1850-1917
Stientje Wilkens
Female 1854-1932
New chart
Anna Jans Molanus
Female 1814-1872
Harmannus de Boer
Male 1821-Date unknown
Jantje Jans Molanus
Female 1817-Date unknown
Jan Vortman
Male 1854-1886
Wubke Goudschaal
Female 1852-1892
New chart
Gepke Jans Molanus
Female 1819-1875
Ludolf Vortman
Male 1820-1878
Gielje Molanus
Female 1852-1871
Jan Molanus
Male 1854-1862
Willem Molanus
Male 1857-1920
Geertje Reemeijer
Female 1857-1930
New chart
Barteld Molanus
Male 1826-1867
Kobechien Kiel
Female 1820-1860
Johannes Molanus
Male 1861-1861
Aaltje Molanus
Female 1863-1944
Willem Elling
Male 1862-1890
Gerrit Ravensburg
Male 1868-1950
New chart
Antje Molanus
Female 1865-1917
Elisabeth Sluiter
Female 1824-1909
Aaltje Bartelts van Dijken
Female 1778-1868
Hilvert Roelfs Huiting
Male 1814-1892
Geertje Everwijns Mulder
Female 1824-1876
New chart
Geert Roelfs Huiting
Male 1816-Date unknown
Wendelke Harms Heis
Female 1823-1908
New chart
Hillechien Geerts Wubs
Female 1795-1861
Roelf Hilverts Huiting
Male 1787-1819
Gepke Jans Schreuder
Female 1821-1872
Hindrik Freerks Boels
Male 1818-1909
New chart
Jan Jans Schreuder
Male 1826-1885
Grietien Kuipers
Female 1829-1900
New chart
Jan Jannes Schreuder
Male 1794-1872
Geert Heijes Wubs
Male 1766-1827
Gebke Berends
Female 1759-1799
Jantje Alberts Wubs
Female 1822-1840
Albertje Wubs
Female 1826-1829
Haijo Wubs
Male Approximately 1829-1854
Geertien Geerts Wubs
Female 1800-1881
Albert Heijes Wubs
Male 1772-1830
Jantje Kuil
Female Approximately 1843-1862
Hero Klasens Kuil
Male 1798-1858
Heije Geerts Wubs
Male 1803-1871
Alke Elzes Molanus
Female 1798-Date unknown
Geert Schreuder
Male 1830-Date unknown
Beerend Schreuder
Male 1833-1835
Albertien Schreuder
Female 1835-1838
Janna Geerts Wubs
Female 1805-1835
Jacob Berents Schreuder
Male 1802-1840
NN Wubs
NN Geerts Wubs
Male 1810-1810
Jantje Jans Bruins
Female 1775-1810
Geertruid Geerts Wubs
Female 1813-1820
Harm Wubs
Male 1858-Date unknown
Grietje Hidding
Female 1865-1936
New chart
Jan Wubs
Male 1814-1873
Hinderika Strobos
Female 1823-Date unknown
Jantje Hiller
Female 1838-Date unknown
Gerrit Hiller
Male 1839-1907
Fokje Engels
Female 1844-1871
New chart
Lodewijka Wind
Female 1834-1912
New chart
Grietje Hiller
Female 1841-Date unknown
Getruida Hiller
Female 1844-Date unknown
Geert Hiller
Male 1847-1907
Engelina Engels
Female 1847-1927
New chart
Hadewich Geerts Wubs
Female 1816-1848
Hindrik Geerts Hiller
Male 1807-1848
Jantien Jans Migchels
Female 1778-1857
Hans Hindriks Moorlag
Male 1824-1895
Geertruid Hindriks Commies
Female 1827-1890
New chart
Willem Hindriks Moorlag
Male 1826-1899
Alke Folkers
Female 1837-1876
New chart
Jacobje Pronk
Female 1829-1901
New chart
Geertje Hindriks Moorlag
Female 1829-1867
Hindrik Everts Staats
Male 1819-1895
New chart
Jan Hindriks Moorlag
Male 1833-Date unknown
Harmke Kamies
Female 1841-Date unknown
New chart
Wendelke Willems Wubs
Female 1796-1851
Hindrik Hanssens Moorlag
Male 1797-1876
Willem Heijes Wubs
Male 1769-1847
Geertien Abels
Female 1772-Date unknown
Willem Wubs
Male 1829-1893
Wemeltje Kruizinga
Female 1836-1898
New chart
Roelf Wubs
Male 1832-Date unknown
Hillechien Kamies
Female 1835-Date unknown
New chart
Albert Heijes Wubs
Male 1834-1881
Albertje Folkers
Female 1840-1919
New chart
Heije Willems Wubs
Male 1800-Date unknown
Geertje Roelfs Luikens
Female 1803-Date unknown
Willem Jans Wubs
Male 1831-1916
Geertruida Wessels
Female 1830-Date unknown
New chart
Grietje Kloppenburg
Female 1843-1912
New chart
Meeme Jans Wubs
Male 1834-1909
Fennegien Luth
Female 1842-1921
New chart
Aaltje Jans Wubs
Female 1842-1885
Hindrik Wind
Male 1837-1893
New chart
Albertje Jans Wubs
Female 1845-1934
Wubbe Berends Wever
Male 1844-1908
New chart
Jan Willems Wubs
Male 1802-Date unknown
Roelfien Meemes Folkers
Female 1806-Date unknown
NN Wubs
Hindrik Jans Wubs
Male 1856-1945
Geertien Kamphuis
Female 1859-1927
New chart
Migchel Wubs
Male 1858-1937
Albertje Gelling
Female 1859-1926
New chart
Geessien Twiest
Female 1816-1891
Anna Wubs
Female 1835-1915
Johannes van der Heide
Male 1828-1890
New chart
Geertje Hiddes Wubs
Female 1840-1923
Boele Migchels
Male Approximately 1808-1876
New chart
Luiken Kornelius
Male 1847-1920
New chart
Willem Wubs
Male 1844-1894
Klaasje Bennink
Female 1856-1924
New chart
Hidde Willems Wubs
Male 1806-Date unknown
Wubke Harms Gelling
Female 1808-Date unknown
Aaltien Jans Migchels
Female 1776-1833
Albert Heijes Wubs
Male 1772-1830
Christina Everwijns Mulder
Female 1749-1818
Jantje Alberts Wubs
Female 1822-1840
Albertje Wubs
Female 1826-1829
Haijo Wubs
Male Approximately 1829-1854
Geertien Geerts Wubs
Female 1800-1881
Heije Harms Wubs
Male 1809-Date unknown
Wubbe Heis
Male 1835-Date unknown
Jantje Kasper Brouwer
Female 1842-1921
New chart
Willemtien Harms Wubs
Female 1810-Date unknown
Jan Wubbes Heis
Male 1808-Date unknown
Grietje Folkers
Female 1834-Date unknown
Alke Folkers
Female 1837-1876
Willem Hindriks Moorlag
Male 1826-1899
New chart
Albertje Folkers
Female 1840-1919
Albert Heijes Wubs
Male 1834-1881
New chart
Weije Folkers
Female 1846-Date unknown
Geertruida Harms Wubs
Female 1813-1885
Harm Meemes Folkers
Male 1808-1862
Harm Wubs
Male 1851-1926
Anna Mulder
Female 1853-1935
New chart
Hannes Wubs
Male 1854-Date unknown
Geesina Stuut
Female 1853-Date unknown
New chart
Jan Wubs
Male 1859-1912
Afien Schuit
Female 1863-1900
New chart
Hermina Alferink
Female 1879-Date unknown
New chart
Jantje Wubs
Female 1861-Date unknown
Jurjen de Grooth
Male 1847-Date unknown
New chart
Albert Wubs
Male 1864-1924
Geertruida Meinders
Female 1865-1898
New chart
Mensina Venema
Female 1873-1937
New chart
Heije Harms Wubs
Male 1816-Date unknown
Jantje Hanssens Boer
Female 1828-Date unknown
Albert Harms Wubs
Male 1822-Date unknown
Hillechien Jans Wubs
Female 1858-1931
Wubbe Johans Wubs
Male 1855-1919
New chart
Hiske Jans Wubs
Male 1863-1916
Harmina Kruize
Female Date unknown-Date unknown
New chart
Jan Harms Wubs
Male 1825-1880
Zwaantje Hilverts
Female 1833-1910
Harm Wubs
Male 1863-1938
Hindertje Kruize
Female 1860-1927
New chart
Klaas Harms Wubs
Male 1827-1866
Weena Doornbos
Female 1842-Date unknown
Hadewieg Wubs
Female 1830-1831
Harm Heijes Wubs
Male 1775-1861
Grietje Alberts Hulscher
Female 1786-1838
Heije Wubbes Wubs
Male 1809-Date unknown
Jan Wubbes Wubs
Male 1811-Date unknown
Wubbe Johans Wubs
Male 1855-1919
Hillechien Jans Wubs
Female 1858-1931
New chart
Albert Johans Wubs
Male 1857-1859
Albert Johans Wubs
Male 1860-1860
Harmanna Johans Wubs
Female 1861-1865
Geessien Johans Wubs
Female 1864-1957
Egbert Heikens
Male 1866-1958
New chart
Harmanna Wubs
Female 1867-1946
Roelf Kassies
Male 1867-1945
New chart
Johannes Heijes Wubs
Male 1813-1904
Hadewieg Alberts Moorlag
Female 1828-1912
Hinderk Wups
Male 1815-Date unknown
Geert Wubbes Wubs
Male 1817-1901
Jantien Jans Koerts
Female 1806-1879
Jantien Wubs
Female 1819-1884
Wubbe Reints Kornelius
Male 1814-Date unknown
Geessien Hindriks Wubs
Female 1858-1952
Willem Nijmeijer
Male 1851-1921
New chart
Hinderk Wubbes Wubs
Male 1822-1892
Geessien Roelfs Alting
Female 1827-1907
Wubbe Wubbes Wups
Male 1824-Date unknown
Wubbe Haijes Wubs
Male 1778-1850
Geesjen Jans Tappers
Female 1785-1862
New chart
Geertruid Jans Molanus
Female 1738-1808
Heije Jans Wubs Horlings
Male 1730-1808


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